07 January 2011

A Mormon Woman Named Estelle...

This is not Estelle -- I hope she has a pool

"I painted over ten thousand paintings
Sad ones, funny ones, dark ones, and light ones
I've done haystacks
And rich old ladies by their pools
Wearing nothing but a scarf
I've painted everything there was to paint
Now it was time to sit back
Give interviews
Hang out at club med
Get on the internet
Take stock of what I've done"

Sitting here updating a list of blogs I can't stand when I just remembered where that came from. Dan Bern's, "...rich old ladies by their pools wearing nothing but a scarf" has me wondering why Hermes hasn't taken that image and run with it. Maybe I can convince them.

I remember the first girl I held hands with was Cheryl Stewart in 7th grade. I've tried six times to write what that felt like. I give up. Except this. I couldn't believe she wanted to hold my hand.

This aquarium has lulled me into a trance and this song always makes me laugh and cry and sometimes both at once. I lost my dog in a divorce. That really sucked.


LPC said...

These posts are my favorite. As was Montaigne, when I was in college. The elliptical, without workout gear of course.

LPC said...

And by the way I am now listening to this song over and over again. Thank you. Sort of.

GSV JR said...

The last paragraph is a Kenneth Rexroth poem, right?

I'd like to comment on the photo of the mormon woman, but decourum prohibits said comment.

brohammas said...

There is a good chance I go to church with Estelle, but only in theory. She doesn't show too often.

Anonymous said...

what are the blogs you can't stand?????

Anonymous said...

I have several questions, but please don't feel need to respond (my day gig is teacher, don't wanna be assigning homework on off hours)
-why'd i never hear of song or singer?
-BDylans long lost twin?
-why is that woman in black hot? attitude+shoes= ?
That's it.. and if you could describe that feeling, well, what would you have to strive for?
Bye now, going to look at picture again..

tintin said...

LPC- I hope I was able to introduce you to Dan Bern if for not other reason than you introduced me to Montaigne. Fantastic.

Stew - Don't know about of Bern lifted anything from Rexroth who is also new to me. I read Sgt Rock through most of college.

Bro - Let me know if she shows.

Anon- Nice try.

1) I don't think Bern has ever played Romania.

2) Who's Bob Dylan?

3) Don't they have aquariums in Romania?

4) She's skinny, French and that belt is banging 13 on the sex meter.

5) Warm and wet. Cheryl had sweaty hands.

Anonymous said...

I remember the first girl I held hands with was Cheryl Stewart in 7th grade. I've tried six times to write what that felt like. I give up.

awww angel muffins, do you need someone to mollycoddle you, or do just want have a pity party all alone, sweetbread?

Anonymous said...

Tin- thanks for answers.... and Montaigne, man... I have read since being on a train in my 20s, sharing a compartment with a beautiful woman, Italian, and her even more beautiful mother who told me to keep a copy of him on my night table...

Anonymous said...

what is wif U & older womeyn? R U a phagg?

Anonymous said...

awwwe angel muffins you should know by know that my comments are all about love, sweetvread

Chuck Hatt said...

I always have known I'd never get violent in a divorce situation but it never occurred to me that I could lose my dog. Damn, I'll have to rethink that. Boy, Dog, Van is a great Dan Bern album to start with. He blows through Ann Arbor every year or two and we try not to miss him.