05 January 2011

Zona Alessi with Alberto

Ethical & Radical Exhibit - Nov 20, 2010 at Philadelphia Art Museum

Tour guide Alberto Alessi (far left) and guest Michael Graves (far right)
The Fans

The Exhibit

The Assistant

The Espresso

The Lecture

The Front Row

The Flow Chart

La Familia (click on images to enlarge)

Alberto Alissi said a lot of things that night. It was so long ago I forgot most of them. But, I'll never forget what he said about courage. "The ledge of sanity is here (he points at his feet). Everybody in design (he steps backwards) is way back here. They want to be as far from the ledge as possible. I want to be (he walks back to the imaginary ledge and stops) here. As close to the ledge as possible."


Soxtory said...

Was the assistant an exhibit?

Varisity Aesthetics said...

Nice pictures (especially the one of the assistant). And it's espresso not eXpresso.

GSV JR said...

Second that, Vern.

Brava to Alessi re: taking chances. Goals of sure success are paved with caution. Here's to dangerous art.

BTW, my word verification is "moron."

tintin said...

Vernon- Third that, Vern.

Varsity - Shit. I knew that. I just never think of espresso when I look at that photo. Thanks for the heads up.

Stew- I'm taking a big chance right now and it ain't much fun.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo coverage, Tintin, of the event I'm sure you enjoyed. I know I would have.

Courage, definitely, but also commitment: Alessi soldiered on through the bleak '70s. Italian home and housewares design flourished after WWII, exploding not bombs but brightly colored plastics and simple yet elegant designs into grey cities where no one even owned cars (see: The Bicycle Thief). But you already knew all that, being a fan of all things post-war European. It doesn't always work, of course; there are many examples - mostly from the '80s and '90s - where form heavily outweighed function, rather than the optimal inverse. Today they're sought after as "art" pieces.

But those wooden handled pots and pans? So unexpected it verges on an original idea. Hints of the Japanese culture.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Query: Is this an event Golf Foxtrot forced you to attend or something you did willingly under no duress? I will understand either way....not that you need my understanding in any way...just curious.

La Maison Fou said...

regardless of spell check......
the evening looks like it was clearly stated and all the letters were in the alphabet! Love that quote....so right on! Pushing the envelope is what it is all about.
Thanks for the pics and the wares were wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Still don't know why no one can make a pot or coffee machine better than the Italians...why is that? Even when they break or make sludge, just always sexy as hell.

Alice Olive said...

It's the simple aesthetic that I love. Never goes out of style.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, here it comes.....
this was in Philly!!!! Of course you loved it. I freely admit our streets are flowing with refuse, but our halls echo with art.
Tintin wrote a lot of things tonight, it was so long ago that I forgot most of them. But I'll never forget that he said.... Philly.

Brummagem Joe said...

Nice looking cookware. I'm not familiar with Alessi who I see is wearing the standard international all black "designer" uniform which perhaps supports the pet theory of a very successful ad agent I once worked with that tribalism isn't only a matter of borders but also of occupations. Thus a German engineer has more in common with an American or British engineer than with a German salesman. Designers of consumer products do all seem to dress in the same spare fashion. Why is that?