29 June 2013

Briar Vintage in Philadelphia

62 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, 215-627-1990

Neckwear ranges from $16-$60 depending on age/condition/rarity

1920s/30s cotton bathing suit Size 36- $225.00

Beaver Top hat Size 7- $175.00

Bermuda Jacket Size 40- $120.00

Frosh Hat Size 6&5/8- $35.00

1920s Sunglasses- $85.00

White Bucks 9.5D- $45.00

1950s Gulf medium work shirt and cap cover set-$250.00

1960s Izod Medium sweater- $55.00

1960s Madras Sport Coat Size 46- $68

Early Willson Tortoise Shell w/ Leather Driving Goggles- $250

1940s/50s "U" Football Jersey/Letterman Sweater Size M- $125.00

To Hell with Hitler - Sold (Assorted Vintage Pin-backs run from $10-$60)

1876 Centennial Legion Coatee Size 32- $350.00

Top Hat same from previous

Philadelphia never fails to contradict. Among the narrow 18th century streets I love so much, there's been - since my first move here in '85 -  a hip element looking for their place somewhere between Philadelphia's blue blood and blue collar.   Briar Vintage is a good example.  Chock full of vintage apparel history for a relative steal compared to NYC, there's also the post WWII kit I wouldn't be caught dead in.

Still, there's plenty of hidden treasures in Briar Vintage -- Just like Philadelphia.  I've always said that if Richard Daley were mayor of Philadelphia, he would bring the city back from the dead.  Daley wouldn't do Briar Vintage and its owner, David  Lochner any harm.

This vintage place is begging to be discovered...When I was there, a couple women walked in and asked if there were women's clothing for sale.  "No," said David. And before he could say another word they were out the door.  I know what David was gonna say..."Would you just try this hat on." She would've looked spectacular in it.

26 June 2013

The Last Season of Mad Men

Art Director's Club of NY Advisory Board, 1971

Don and Peggy start their own shop.  Both win gold medals at the 1971 Art Director's of NY Hall of Fame.  Peggy for an anti-war campaign.  Don for True Story magazine.  Their passion is their work.  Their work is what they  are.  They get married.  Don dies of lung cancer two months later.  Peggy becomes one of the most powerful and respected individuals, man or woman, on Madison Avenue.  Roll credits.

18 June 2013

Samuelsohn Color

Samuelsohn NYC Showroom, Topcon Super RE w/ Fugi Pro 400H

Samuelsohn B&W

Samuelsohn NYC Showroom, Topcon Super RE w/ TMax 400

16 June 2013

Those Other Fathers

Tell me were you ever ever frightened
in the afternoons of life
Sitting in your home with closing eyelids
being someones else's wife
One who doesn't care 'bout you at all
only came when his hormones called
He'll never love you the way I do

You used to write me soft revealing letters
I always read them when they came
We stood beside the world in many matters
no one but ourselves where there to blame
And now in a meek but sudden mood swing
not even a thank you for everything
He'll never eat you the way I did

I think the world will always need the cryer
Lonely people seldom mend
Some remain strangers to themselves
still they cross the earth for a friend
If you think you cannot love me till the end of time
with a life not far from mine
No one knows you the way I do

Doris Days, The Cryer

"You Don't Take the Last of a Man's Anything"

I came home on leave and took a beer from the fridge. Couple minutes later, I heard him come in the front door, walk into the kitchen, open the fridge and close it. He came out to the porch and saw me drinking his beer. "That's my last beer." he said. I looked at the can. I looked at him. "You don't have anymore?" He looked at me and I saw his jaw tighten. "You don't take the last of a man's anything. Do you understand?" I got up full well knowing I was gonna have to replace a can of Black Label with a case of Heineken.

15 June 2013

About 25 Years Ago - Lene & Penny

Jet black hair, black leather mini-skirt and turtleneck.  She wore zipper silver studs. She stood in line at the General Anthony Wayne movie theater and bitched to a friend about how bad "Last Night" was. I liked the movie but couldn't help but be impressed with her rich observations...Suddenly, I didn't like Last Night anymore.

We dated.  She was an artist.  I worked in insurance.  An odd couple.  Me, in chalk stripes and rep tie. She, in silver zippers. We split up 25 years ago... and recently ran into each other.  On the internet.  She has a blog.  I have a blog.

When I read her stories today, I'm reminded of that night in the movie theater and of how women can change a man's mind with their perspective.  I think about how women like Penny have changed my mind about a lot.  Is she a pro?  At this point... I know.  

07 June 2013

Manhattan MILF

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04 June 2013

Hardmeyer's Cock

From, 'The Swiss Poster' by Bruno Margadant, 1983

A Swiss dealer convinced me to buy this, Robert Hardmeyer's Cock.  I wasn't crazy about it at the time and really wanted an Agfa poster by Leupin but the dealer sold me with, "Hardmeyer is the birth of the Swiss poster."

It hangs in my NY apartment, and in the years I've been here, no one has said a thing about it.  And that's a good thing --  Because it says so much without uttering a word.

I bought it when I was throwing money away like a paratrooper in a Panamanian whore house --  But looking at it today... and knowing its story...I feel like I saved it somehow  -- My Cock in a starched white shirt. 

It's not quite history...almost 110 years. But it's getting there.  Still....it looks like someone just imagined it yesterday...

That's what I like about it. 

03 June 2013

"Is this the only protection you have?"

Swiss Poster, 1948  
Shortly after my divorce I became obsessed with Swiss posters.  They were massive things, usually 50"x35" and amazing value for the money.  There were a number of sources I bought from but my favorite dealer was in Chicago on South Michigan Avenue.  He told me all he knew about this poster of an umbrella was it had something to do with insurance.

 I had a client who was Swiss and at lunch I passed her the listing for the poster and asked if she would translate.  "Is this the only protection you have?" she told me and jotted the translation down as she took a sip of wine.  She pushed the listing back at me and said, "You should hang it over your bed."

02 June 2013

On A Road: Panty Hose for Men

North Michigan Avenue, 1993

Walsh and I cut through Henri Bendel on our way to a little Vietnamese place where you could get two entrees, soup and a drink for just under six bucks with tax. We were stopped dead in our lunch break by a display of panty hose. Black, white, red...all of it in wild designs and patterns on forms standing tall on a glass display counter. We stared wordless at the legs until Walsh broke the silence, "How much?" I looked down at a package and saw a sticker, "Fifty bucks." Walsh blew a respectful whistle.

We stared at the display for another wordless minute until Walsh said, "We should buy a pair for Stacy." Stacy worked in our Fine Art division and had great legs. "We could split it," I said as my neck started to tense up. Walsh said, "Shit, she'd probably sue us," and with that, we turned from the panty hose and walked to lunch. I had the double calamari.