21 January 2011

A Stationery Wardrobe

Jonathan Arnold and Jenine Ferrari of Dempsey & Carroll. Imagination and fun.

Arnold's Stationery Wardrobe




Unique - 3 3/4 X 7 1/4

Fun. Arnold found the fabric. Mr Ned custom made the pant. Dempsey & Carroll did the envelopes. I don't remember in what order.

Good Value. I found $20 cards to go with some shirts I own.

Try finding a stationery engraver in this country. It ain't easy. Dempsey and Carroll offer 120 typefaces and 30 inks not to mention a whole lot of ephemeral imagination through Jonathan and Jenine. I'm working on a "Classic Film" line of stationery. First up is:

C.C. Baxter

51 West 67th Street

New York City, N.Y.

"But everyone calls me, Bud."


K. A. Adams said...

Hey Tintin -

Check out Connor in the sub level of the Plaza. They do fantastic custom work.


Zach said...

CC is one of the finest dressed characters in film, in my young and humble opinion. Simple, great fit, no fuss. Trad. In my eyes at least. What do you think, tintin? Is C.C Baxter Trad?

tintin said...

K.A. Adams- Yeah, but do they do pants?

Zach- CC Baxter is Trad. From the screenplay,

"BAXTER is about thirty, serious, hard-working, unobtrusive.
He wears a Brooks Brothers type suit, which he bought
somewhere on Seventh Avenue, upstairs."

Jg. for FatScribe said...

CC Baxter. classic. nice ref. personal stationary is very trad, indeed. mine reads:

"Gramercy Carriage House"

Anonymous said...

better bundle up with a muffler today, boopkins.
How about a scarf post, sweetheart?

ADG said...

TinTang...damn ... the GTH pants are off the hook...forget the paper goods. How does that tailor do a suit for under a thousand bucks?

tintin said...

Jg- I'm tempted to use Gramercy Tavern. Nice idea.

Anon- You in marketing or PR?

ADG- Jonathan praised Ned's work and was specific about pattern matching. I've heard some well known New Yorkers mention Mr Ned but begged me not to mention him. So I never have...D'OH!

Alice Olive said...

Love this! Easy to go nuts in a place like this. (Not there's anything wrong with that.)