31 December 2008

Happy New Year

It was a busy Christmas. I'm late on everything hence my fall back to Three Kings Day but more about that later. Old New Castle in Delaware is a favorite place of mine. You're certainly not going to stumble upon it driving up I95. There's not much to do around it - - or in it for that matter. It's a little remote and it's very 18th Century which is why I think it's perfect.
This is where I'm going to retire. Or die trying.

19 December 2008

"Take Ivy" Chapter I

I think I'm familiar with scanning now.

I've added some more text in hopes Heavy Tweed Jacket (HTJ) would like to add some translation. He has already provided me with some great insight into the history of the book. While the photographer, Teruyoshi Hayashida is credited on the cover of the book --the book was actually authored by three men. Kensuke Ishizu, Toshiyuki Kurosu and Moto Hasegawa. The late Kensuke Ishizu was the founder of Van Jacket, a Ivy style clothing company and it appears he was the master mind behind the creation of the book. Thank you, Mr. Tweed.

It's no secret that some Japanese are obsessed with the Ivy look. The word "Trad" has it's origins in Japan and I for one think the Japanese have taken care of the style far better than we ever could have hoped. Hardly surprising in a culture where Tradition rules, the Morning Coat is still worn and life is lived and appreciated for small moments. I hope you enjoy this small moment...

14 December 2008

"Take Ivy" Chapter II

The more things change...

Laundry bags, sweat shirts, school jackets, picking your nose, the short ROTC guy who's certifiable, cheap umbrellas. Where are they now? The Senate. Congress. Insurance agency owners. There is something unique about this little volume that class yearbooks miss and that's the POV of the book's authors and editors. A wonderfully fresh perspective fills this book and makes walking across campus with your laundry bag a lot more romantic than it ever should be.

I think that's a big part of the magic with Take Ivy. Taking dreary and turning it into romance via images. What they're wearing is just icing on the cake. I swear, I see the plain vamp moc known as the Yuma (just introduced around this time) in more than one photograph. Or, maybe it's just the romantic in me.