28 August 2008

US Open

If I were reading this blog for the first time I would wonder if this is the only pair of shoes this asshole owns. But I love them although... again... I'm not sure why. The tennis was fantastic although Williams and Federer made quick work of Stosur and Gonzalez. Still, what's not to like about a beautiful night with fall like weather and someone else picking up the tab in a luxury box with sushi and cold beer. Now that's Trad. What's not Trad is the marketing head at the Open turning tennis into something that resembles Arena Football. Very Bad. Very Bad indeed.

20 August 2008

Trad Flying Attire

Much was discussed in the previous post regarding the wearing of jacket and tie when flying. That people today have no issue with showing up in an airport looking like they rolled out of bed only proves the total disregard of today's traveler. I always wear a jacket and tie when I fly. Always.

This is for "Homer's Odd isn't he?" http://homersoddisnthe.blogspot.com/ Homer commented in the prior post that my shoes were orange. Maybe it's the polish I've been using but he may be right. If so, here's my favorite color combination: Orange and Green.

15 August 2008


Ever notice how Americans order drinks on a plane? "I wanna a Coke." Or, "Gimme a Coke." Or, sometimes they just grunt, "Coke." Whatever happened to, "May I have...?" Or, "May I please have..." Flying today closely resembles taking a Trailways Bus. I took the bus a lot in the Army and in college. I liked it. You could sit in the back and drink beer and smoke cigarettes. But my shoes were not as nice as these. British Tan Tassel loafers made by Alden for Brooks Brothers. They are fitting for summer cotton suits and hop sack blazers with white trousers. I love 'em though I'm not sure why.


30th Street Station in Philadelphia. One of my favorite train stations in one of my least favorite towns. And like a lot of things I love - - I'm not sure why. Filled with fast food franchises it's beginning to look like a mall but it still has a charm about it despite a horrible taxi stand.

and Automobiles

No pretensions here. It's a station wagon with over 100,000 miles. The Brits call it an estate. They also call a back yard a garden and a tent a marquis. This wagon is full of crap for the month of August. This is a car that not only sucks up massive amounts of crap in the back but gobbles up highway miles, appears to be invisible to the police and thanks to the hunter green paint job, disappears on the highway at dusk. Still, I love it although I'm not sure why. After dealing with the Planes and the Trains - - it's nice to sit in, as my friend Wally calls it, "quiet elegance" while listening to the Clash on it's amazing Bose stereo.