11 January 2011

Surf Club - 1982

Flagler College Gargoyle

I have no idea when

The poster

LL Bean Catalog Summer 1983 (click on images to enlarge)

My 15 minutes of fame came sometime in 1982 when this story ran in my college newspaper. I admired the surfers in college and was struck by the individual spirit of surfing. My father had told me team players were assholes. It stuck. There was nothing about team here.

The morning I was introduced to surfing I wore those Royal Stewart trunks. The next time I went on 'Dawn Patrol' I brought a thermos of Bloody Marys. It seemed to make up for my trunks. I didn't stick with surfing. The nipple pain.

Hugh Shaw (on the right in the Poster pic) was killed in an auto accident the following year. Tall and quiet, he had a Gary Cooper quality. And he loved long boards.


Patsy said...

My husband went to Flagler College to surf. Earlier though, in 1976.

Your nipples may have benefited from a rash guard.

Anonymous said...

I had the same pair from bean angel cake. Didn't know we were that close, sunshine.

Ben said...

You a surfer? Dude.

tintin said...

Patsy- Get outta here? Only one year?

Anon- That's amazing.

Ben- Gave it up. Afraid I'd lose a nipple.

Anonymous said...

I really like those concept photo layouts. But, dude! I started surfing in 1969, (you know...us "townies") and showing up to catch waves in those little tartan shorts, well, brah, that's just plain wrong! I'd wear them now, though, 'cause I like them, but at the pool...many miles from a board or beach.

Your dad's fellow team players must have hated him. Still, I agree with him. And with you. Any solo sport gets my vote.


eric said...

Black watch tartan trunks. No brainer.

brohammas said...

I spent my youth landlocked,pining for waves. I finally made way way to Zuma Beach in SoCal at age 15, onlyto get swept out to sea by a riptide. I was not alone and as the Coast Gurad boat picked us all up, an officer took our names and city of residence. I shrunk as I was ofrced to admit to being a visitor from Salt Lake City.
I have been snowboarding ever since.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I could never understand the concept of those cord shorts OP was selling like crazy in the 80's....Is cord not an inherently Fall/Winter fabric??...I mean...they were just to warm....could give you a case of jock itch to compliment the nipple distress....
Great photos.....!!!

Anonymous said...

Those plaid trunks are nice, but border on looking like you wore your boxers to go surfing. That, and you'll run the risk of getting dropped in all day by surfers in longer and baggier board shorts.

Trailer Trad said...

Are rugby players team players? Didn't think so.

-Did Flagler ever play host to the fun college band Doug Clark & The Hot Nuts? Quite an institution in The Old North State. I recall old times seeing the band in Trailer Trad.