19 December 2007

Resort Trad

It would be nice to post a picture of someone dressed like this today at a resort. Don't you think? Of course, it's impossible. Flip flops, sleeveless tee shirts, fanny packs and the chewing of sugarless gum is more of what you're to see. It breaks the heart.

17 December 2007

Inside Apparel Arts Magazine

The Origins of Trad

Apparel Arts Magazine. The birthplace of Trad. University students at Yale and Princeton were the sartorial leaders in this country circa the mid 1930s. They followed students at Oxford and Cambridge and that's why Trad has such a close relationship to the UK. This epherma is history. Beautiful illustrations document men's dress in what most agree was the Golden Era...the '30s.

12 December 2007

Trad Haircut

Peter's is on 1st Ave. An odd place to be sure. Peter owns it. Boris (Boris the Blade) cuts my hair. $26.00 includes a shampoo. Very Trad.

11 December 2007

My Family Tartan

Thinking of tailored trousers by Chris Despos in the family tartan. Is there an uglier one? I don't think so.

09 December 2007

Christmas at Turnbull & Asser

No one can do Christmas like the British. An annoying fact of life but there it is. Bloody little you can do about it. T&A doesn't get any better.

05 December 2007

Trad Art

Okay. It's not really art. It's a poster. But you gotta love that Pink and Green greatcoat.