26 May 2010

Press Only: Tweaking @ The NY Times

With /S400

Without /S400

The NY Times Magazine blog ran a piece by Tyler Thoreson on bloggers and their camera of choice yesterday. The Trad was featured and I reckon I increased the average age over there considerably.

Anyhow, I mentioned tweaking the HTML code by deleting, "/S400" results in Cibachrome-like images. It's confusing but look for it close to the end of code. When you see it - delete it. A reader turned me onto this by suggesting I change it from '/S400' to '/S1200' A little better but delete the whole thing and you're cooking with gas. Bump the Height and the Width up by 100 in the code and you get this larger image as well. I'm not crazy about the larger size but you might be.


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Thanks for the technificul tip.

Anonymous said...

I like the red gingham shirt. A salesperson and lady friend talked me out of buying one. They claimed that it was not a good color choice for me. More power to you!


Belle de Ville said...

Great info, thanks.
Love the belt with the shirt.

DAM said...

Where do you go to change the code itself?

And when you are in low light areas, how do you keep from getting those "bubbles" on the picture?

tintin said...

LBT eny tyme.

Hilton- Hmm. You'll have to get that Alan Flusser / Off the Cuff iPhone app to know for sure.

Belle- Sure. I got the idea from the The Trad / Jackson Pollack iPhone App.

DAM - When you post a pic look at the upper r hand corner where the code fits. You'll see html, compose and preview. Click on html and the code will appear. Or, you can wait a couple days for my iPhone app where it'll walk you through it and suggest a shirt color that goes with the color of your eyes.

Family Man said...

Was ADG your model for this shot? Nah, couldn't be--the pants are too subdued.

Lands End has some gingham shirts these days; I love my pink one. Red wouldn't work for me, either; doesn't mean I don't like it.

michael said...

Man, any way you slice it, that is one sharp look!

tintin said...

Family Man- I need to check out LE shirts. Keep hearing good things.

michael- Thanks. Glad you enjoy it.

Family Man said...

The LE gingham is part of what they call their "paintbrush shirt" line. Mine is made of soft, soft cotton with, for want of a better term, a micro-nap. They have half-a-dozen colors in gigham available now.

Most of my dress shirts are Lands End; almost all the rest are Uniqlo (can't afford Brooks, and, scrawny guy that I am, probably wouldn't like the loose fit). Lands End's shirts look good, last a long time, and are reasonably priced. I even have one of their MTM custom jobbies, and it's nice. They also have outstanding customer service, and all their customer service reps were born and raised in America--no having to deal with Gupta in Turbanistan.

Full disclosure: happy longtime customer, no financial connection to LE or its parent, Sears.