20 May 2010

Chino Tasting Scores- Part 2 of 3

#9 Score-92.5 J.Press Made to Measure $275

REB 95- "fancy maker, twill fabric, dress make, tab waist, high rise, cotton drill"
GBB 90- "well made and clean, trad silhouette, nice fabric"

#8 Score- 82.5 J. Press Cotton Twill $98

REB 90- "dress trouser, quarter top pocket, poly twill hand, not washed, full leg but dress"
GBB 75- "standard in every way, medium quality, authentic, unwashed, old school"

#7 Score- 82.5 LINCS PS104902 $65 (Dillard's - Stores Only)

REB 85- "shirting lined, washed/soft twill, good make & finish, on seam, slim"
GBB 80- "nice trad fabric, standard styling, nice details and silhouette"

#6 Score 85- Brooks Brothers Milano $79.50

REB 85- "soft, washed, slim, rep trim, low rise, quarter pocket, dress khaki?"
GBB 85- "beautiful style but low rise & narrow leg, ornately detailed, ordinary fabric but good color"


brohammas said...

My wife, who truly cares about fashion, still can't understand why I own 12 different pairs of "khakis".

Thank you for showing her that I am not an alone.

tintin said...

There's the work in the yard khaki. The painter khaki. The change the car oil khaki. The hangover Saturday khaki.

The weekend dinner party where you have too much to drink and kick your asshole brother in law out of your house, khaki.

The, I know it's Monday but I want the boss to know I don't give a crap about his sales meeting, khaki.

The, my butt looks great in this pant so I'll hang out in front of the adorable receptionist, khaki.

And the, "No, you're not alone, khaki."