21 May 2010

Chino Tasting Scores- Part 1 of 3

From Left- Judges G. Bruce Boyer & Robert E. Bryan

#1 Score- 80 LINCS Light Khaki $N/A
REB 80- "Light fabric, rear buttons, adjustable, on seam pkt, dress, taped seam"
GBB 80- "Light weight, narrow leg, finished interior, true color, decent fabric, nice detail + hand"
Pant is no longer available

#2 Score 77.5 - Bills Khakis Limited Edition Shell Cloth $165
REB 85- "cheaper, semi light, on seam pkt, striped waist, no tape seam, wide leg"
GBB 70 - "Light weight, light color, not as good fabric, wider leg, not as finished int."

#3 Score 57.5 LL Bean Allagash (New model available end of June) $44.50
REB 50- "Brushed, dble pkt, wide loops, loop rear pkt, cheap, washed."
GBB 65- "Not great color or fabric, not impressed w/styling, wide leg + short rise."

#4 Score- 90 LINCS PS 104903 Available only at Dillards $65
REB 90- "light color, oyster, slim, nice make, stripe shirting fabric lining, finished."
GBB 90- "Very good hand, reg. rise + slim leg, nicely finished, nice simple styling, good color."

#5 Score- Withdrawn LL Bean 1912 Khaki $29.95
This LL Bean khaki was withdrawn last minute due to manufacturer's name on button.

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