04 May 2010

Apparel Arts Summer Palette

From the Gruppo GFT three volume reprint of Apparel Arts Magazine: Fashion Is The News. Published in 1989 with forward by G. Bruce Boyer.

That visual over load that is ADD candy is the one and only Apparel Arts Magazine. Issues sell for north of $400 but an affordable alternative is the Gruppo set that can be had for a couple hundred bucks. Instead of buying that seersucker suit this Summer -- get this book.

(click on image to read legend)

Handsome color coordination with suit/jacket, trousers, hat, shirt, tie and even socks presented in a simple graphic. Not so much a "How To" but an inspiration whose purpose was to give salesmen (it was a trade magazine) ideas and increased sales.

Classic style from 1934

Easily worn today


The beauty of timeless style, erudite coordination and good shoes. All of this would look perfectly normal in any men's store today. Except perhaps The Men's Wearhouse.


Phil said...

what is the offical name of the reprinted book, and where can you even order/buy it from. Searching rending nothing useful so perhaps I am looking for the wrong thing. Any further information would be helpful.

tintin said...

Check here for the isbn and other details.


This isn't going to pop up on Amazon. It's a tough find but well worth the look.

Phil said...

Not only does it no pop up on amazon, it pops up nowhere as if it does not exist. Obviously I know it does.

Any thought on where to look, or best chances of finding one?

tintin said...

I found an individual volume (#2) at Gallaghers in NYC for $100. That was before Gallaghers closed. It was another 3 years before I found this set. Now that you know about it let the hunt begin. And hunting takes patience.

Family Man said...

I love love LOVE those drawings, especially the ones by Lawrence Fellows. Thanks for sharing. I hope you'll do so again!

Josh said...

You spelled men's wearhouse right, sadly. I didn't notice it had gimmicky spelling until recently. It makes me hate them even more.

Richard M said...

I saw the book anumber of years ago. Had a section on boy's prep schools.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Awesome. I love the haircuts.