20 May 2010

Chino Tasting: Bryan's Best Khaki

Robert Bryan's pick for Best Khaki: Selvage

Introduced in 2006 and long gone

History (please let it repeat itself)

I've been told they're gone. That picture does not do this pant justice. The LINCS selvage khaki came in Navy, Breton Red, Forest Green and Khaki. If anyone out there has a pair - PM me. This is an outstanding pant that didn't do so well with the Dillard's customer. And I'm not surprised. You don't see khaki selvage very often. In fact, after this pant, you may never see it again.

At $110, this was on the high side for the customer who, like a few commenter's here, thought it was, "just a khaki." Selvage is where you'll find the khaki cognoscenti circling. Robert Bryan knew there was something going on when he picked this pant up. He noted the tape seam (selvage), called the pant exceptional and gave it a 95 and "Best Khaki."

So why would I would knowingly enter a pant that's impossible to find? It's almost like saying, "Hey, there goes a really good looking nun." I entered it because I want some designer who's sitting at his desk shooting rubber bands at the ceiling tiles to try this again. Only this time try to give a wider market. Maybe Dillard's and Belk.


Old Tweed said...

No need to ever look further than Lands' End.

M.Lane said...

I wonder what they would have said about those great Polo pants you wrote about some time ago? I love my pair.

But, for some reason, the photos in this series of posts make me very hungry...and thirsty for a nice tot of Calvados...


K.S. Anthony said...

Headed to Dillards tomorrow. Buying them all if they have any.

(fingers crossed)

Chico said...

Hey you got a 32 there? Do you take paypal?

tintin said...

Old Tweed- LE has a loyal customer base. I can only assume they're folks who have never been exposed to anything else. Living in Chicago almost 20 years, I tried LE many times. After the Hyde Park BD was moved off shore along with everything else the quality, in my opinion, suffered greatly.

When Sears on State St opened the LE dept. there was a decent assortment of pants and shirts. I checked it all out and everything had this plastic feel. If you'll share exactly what khaki you're a fan of, I'll contact LE and put it in the next tasting.

M Lane- The Polo G.I. khaki (9 or 10ounces - not the light weight) is still a favorite. I'll contact Polo and see if they wanna join the next tasting.

Chico- Find me a 36, 37, or 38 in any color and I'll swap you.

Paul said...

LINCS by David Chu? Wow, I'm impressed. I have a "puffer" down vest from David Chu and it is impeccably made. Waxed cotton with a corduroy collar. Fantastic.

Jon said...

I have 2 pair (khaki and green) I found in Loehmann's in NY probably 3 years ago, I wear them so much I've had the pockets replaced, and didn't realize till looking for additional pairs that they are no longer available.

Anonymous said...

Yep, these were amazing pants. Got a pair at Nordstrom Rack in 2013/2014 and ripped them in a fall. Going to make a nice pair of shorts out of them! Would love to find something comparable.