05 May 2010

Apparel Arts - The Business

Back in 2008, I featured volume 2 of Apparel Arts: Fashion is the News here and complained of how difficult it was to find a complete Gruppo set much less missing volumes 1 and 3. My advice to anyone looking for this set is not to give up -- And not to pass it up when you find one. I found this set on the floor of a NYC bookstore waiting to be logged into their system.

Volume 2 features "How To" articles on selling, marketing, buying, store design and advertising. It's the only dated book of the set.

The Fantasy Delivery Truck

The Fantasy Store

Promotion advertising
Gay Talese in Patch Pockets

The Smoking Jacket (overdue for a return?)

Haspel Suits
The Klipson Cliffhanger


heavy tweed jacket said...

Tintin, THANK You. This is simply amazing. The Fantasy Store is a wonderful piece and place. I like the part about the Prep Shops as a place for high school aged boys to meet. Keep 'em off the streets and thinking about rep ties. Why can't magazines be like this today? Furthermore, I don't know why I even bother posting after material like thus. Very cool post.

David V said...

Smoking jackets or dressing gowns?

David V said...

The fantasy store made me think of Field's old Men's store off Wabash.

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

Wonderful stuff. The fantasy store illustrations remind me of upstairs at Paul Stuart (just without the overbearing sales staff).

Anonymous said...

Drooling now. Thank you. This is beautiful.

Family Man said...

Fantasy store? Oh, yeah. I just loves me some Art Deco!

I know that there are certain aspects of the past that we moderns would find uncomfortable (no central heating and less-developed medical science pop up as two), yet even so, I sometimes think I was born in the wrong time.

Yes, it's easy to idealize the past, but in reality, they had great style and a better, more genteel society. For all the "progress" we've made, we've lost far too much.

Thanks for the great posts.

TRVS said...

This post went perfect with my morning cofffee~better than breakfast.


Anonymous said...

The future used to be such a fun place to visit.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Some of the best stuff ever....

Family Man said...

Anonymous DB,

Amen, brother! I liked the past's vision of the future much more than the reality we got. Where's my personal flying car (or, at the very least, my jet pack)? Why aren't monorails the perferred mode of mass transit? What happened to ray guns and robots? Where are the giant dirigible airliners, ones that would dock at places like the Empire State Building? Where are the Streamline Moderne automats that belong in every bedomed town? WHERE ARE MY PUSHBUTTON CONTROLS!?!

tintin said...

I am so far behind on comments but did want to acknowledge y'alls.

htj- I think most magazines today are broke. Heck, they're going out of business left and right in NYC.

David V- I'm outta town but'll check the ad. Problem with the 11x14 format of the mag is my scanner isn't big enough. I loved the Fields in Chicago. It had everything.

Sir Fopling- Well said. ADG loves to go into Paul Stuart and kick tires. Drives the salesmen crazy.

Family Man- The optimist in me thinks there may be a return to a better day. In large part due to what we're doing here.

M- I have some scans of American Fabric Magazine (1950's) coming up in a couple of weeks. I think you'll enjoy the women's advertising. Amazing stuff. Sounds like you had a blast in Boston.

DB- No shit.

Main Line- No shit.

Family Man - Do I have to say it?