25 May 2010

The South In New York

Castillo de San Marcos, FL 2008

Westminster Dog Show - 2007

Palatka, FL- 2008

The Met - 2008

Central Florida - 2008

West Village - 2008

World Golf Village, FL 2008

Ponte Vedra, FL - 2008

Little Italy, NYC - 2008

Murray Brothers, FL - 2007

Neary's, NYC- 2007

Jacksonville, FL- 2008

Little Italy 2007

Ponte Vedra, FL 2008

2nd Ave and 56th - 2008
Broadway Parade - 2008

Ponte Vedra, FL - 2007

Times Square- 2008

Barber Shop, FL - 2007

Barber Shop, NY - 2009

Bodega, NYC - 2008
Convenience Store, FL - 2008

For a little over a year I was back and forth between NYC and Florida. I was always amazed at the contrast between the two and how I felt about each. Arriving in NYC was like sticking my finger in a light socket. Going back to Florida was shifting from 5th to 2nd gear. Thomas Wolfe found it hard to go back. I do too.


JMW said...

That would be difficult - two entirely different mindsets.

Anonymous said...

But you are loved in both places! We miss you! DMW

Alice Olive said...

Wow, great series. I particularly LOVE the shot of the courtyard and well. LOVE.

Anonymous said...

That's a fun concept, comparing the two extreme locations with photos. I don't know what made you take some of the images you did, but some are quite telling. I'm with JMW, my mind would hurt too much if I had to shuttle between the two, and make sense of it all.

Glad you like where you settled now. Good job.


Cathleen said...

I like the Gator Lodge Lounge. I can only imagine.

Anonymous said...

this is your dumbest post ever.

tintin said...

JMW- Not difficult for military brats.

DMW- It would not appear by all.

Alice- I'll tell you how I did it for $5.

DB- Come on. You and I both did this most of our lives. Most of these are from a cell phone camera. I'm preparing a series on mens rooms across America.

Cathleen- Some history with the Gator. The Army put me up here the day I enlisted. I remember the almonds in the mini bar were stale.

Anon- Have you read them all?! And if so - - Why?

Memphis88 said...

I've never really considered Florida part of the South. I know that it's very much southern in terms of geography, but it just seems different to me than the rest of the South. Always has. I'm headed down to Destin in a couple days though where I will be spending a week in the non-South south. Looking forward to it.

tintin said...

Memphis 88-
FL is a toughie when it comes to a simple definition. South Beach is eight hours and a universe away from Jacksonville, FL which is a spit away and much more like her neighbor in Brunswick, GA. The panhandle is another world as well. Add to this the changes going on all over the state and it's a moving target.

I would say that NEast FL (from Jacksonville down to Palm Coast) is very southern. A lot has changed in 30 years to be sure but the attitudes, food, politics and culture remain the same. And I don't know if that's good or bad.


Really enjoyed these.

Haven't been to Ponte Vedra since 1976, and these photos show me a place quite dissimilar from my memories of it. Must be the bourbon. Or progress.

tintin said...

Stew- Progress, beach erosion and money. Sounds like "A Flash of Green"

Anonymous said...

Cathleen pegged it: the Gator Lodge is now a well-known staple of the working girl set. I have a distant cousin (whom we don't acknowledge) who was busted there on prostitution charges a few months ago. A proud family moment, to be sure. It is always entertaining to gawk at the meth-heads lolling alongside the road trying to entice customers. Yucky, but entertaining.