18 May 2010

Chino Tasting: Most Original

M47 khaki pant - Hanoi 1954 (Life Magazine)

Same khaki manufactured in 1953

High waisted with 10" leg opening

Plain front button fly - Hat not included - $20 on eBay

One of two ringers thrown into the Chino Tasting were these 1953 issue M47 French khakis. The pant is high waisted and I'm guessing it weighs in at 9 ounces give or take. The cut of the leg is full and the twill is tight with a soft hand.

Whether Bruce or Robert had an inclination to the military origins due to the waist band markings is unknown but Robert was very impressed giving the pant a 98. "...rare high rise, button fly, rear flaps, original, wide leg, wide loops, beautiful."

Bruce was less impressed scoring the pant an 85 but, like Robert, did award it winner of the Most Original category while commenting, " interesting fabric + color, very detailed, high rise and wide leg; casual."

I'm also crazy about this pant and unlike the other ringer (a selvage khaki) this can be easily found, even on eBay, for around $20. They all seem to have been manufactured in 1953 and then forgotten in a warehouse somewhere. Every pair I've seen so far have never been worn. So, twenty bucks for a little Indochina history is not such a bad deal. Not nearly as bad as it was for the French (or us).


K.S. Anthony said...

Of course, if you buy a pair you'll drive your friends mad by singing Le Boudin and demanding that you walk everywhere.

GREAT post. Was hoping you'd show these.

tintin said...

K.S. No walking but marching slowly.


Off to eBay...

Remember those "Ghurka style" khakis Banana Republic did in the late '80s/early '90s? I'm not one for pleats -- or that "belt thing" -- but the color was perfect. Think fucking J. Peterman produced some around the same time, coupled with a hideously annoying description, no less.

Anonymous said...

coupled with a hideously annoying description
well, duh...

tintin said...

Stew- You shouldn't have a problem finding the M47 on eBay. I was accused of writing copy for Peterman on Gawker. It still hurts but the pain, "slides away as I put my feet up on a 16th century farm table in Lucca while I finish a second bottle of Sangrintio and a plate of wild boar nostrils. I lean over to the..."

Anon- Duh, indeed. "...woman next to me who is a widow with some connection to the Ferragamo family, very long legs, very short hair, very rich and all of 45. I light her cigarette and she holds my hand to steady the flame. Just seconds later I'll throw up on my Sea Island cotton chinos ($595) in a soft pastel of lime green and pass out between her blue and white espadrilles...($150)"