23 May 2010

Out Of The Box

Stolen from those wacky guys with excellent taste at Put This On. They want to remind us where our clothes come from. I want to remember where out of the box comes from.


ELS said...

Love it - Rain-man-esque channel, writer, broadcast date etc as per.

Weather ridiculous here - am completely burned. Contemplating string vest and tattoo to complete lovely lobster picture.

tintin said...

ELS- What was that French film where folks went to the toilet together 3 times a day but ate in private cubicles alone throughout the day?

brohammas said...

As someone who spent a large portion of his youth wearing a french trappers hat and skinning musk-rats for an allowance... I loved it.

It was a bit like my adult self trapped in my cube in a suit and my youth paddling down the isle.

ELS said...

tintin - that one is outside even my indiscriminate adoration of French cinema. What part of the futility of quotidien life does that symbolise? Or is it the human condition that means we are all, ultimately, alone. That what we hope is most private is exposed? That nurturing should be a private and solitary experience?

Am off to walk the dog and snigger about Fergie.

tintin said...

brohamm- How much did you get per musk rat?

ELS- I found it.


A simple reversal of taking in and letting out. Luis Bunel's, Phantom of Liberty, last seen in Mr Bridgeman's Film and the Liberal Arts class many years ago. Pass the Charmin.

brohammas said...

whatever the pelt got at auction, usualy $3-5.

Bill Smith said...

Kids in the Hall at their finest.