19 May 2010

Chino Tasting Scores - Part 3 of 3

For identification purposes trousers were numbered 1 to 13. The scores and comments for #10 thru #13 follow below. #6 thru #9 run Thursday and #1 thru #5 follow Friday.

#10 Score- 67.5 LL Bean Sportsman $59
REB 70 - "Cotton casual, not adjustable, khaki twill, wide leg, button fly, low rise"
GBB 65- "Not good fabric, ok make, casual styling, low rise & wide leg"

#11 Score - 90 LINCS Selvage Khaki (a ringer and impossible to find )
REB 95- "rear flap, soft, casual, tape seam, exceptional pant"
GBB 85- "nice fabric, interesting styling, low rise, good navy color"

#12 Bills Khakis Bullard Field Pant $165
REB 97- "washed fabric, heavy trad, high rise, authentic khaki"
GBB 98- "best fabric + color, standard styling, well made, most authentic"

#13 French M47 Khaki (a ringer but available) $20-$50 on eBay
REB 97- "rare high rise, button fly, rear flaps, original, wide legs, wide loops, beautiful"
GBB 85- "interesting fabric + color, very detailed, high rise and wide leg; casual"


_ said...

Great week of posts.

Peter Wilborn said...

I assume the Bill's was an M1, not an M2. M2 needs more rise.

tintin said...

Thanks. Great ID you have there.

Peter- They were M2. Plenty of room on the Bullard and the Shell.