03 May 2010

Mr Mort's Secret

(click on image to enlarge secret)

It was just like a scene out of Antonioni's Blow Up.

I was developing prints in the dark room when I blew up this shot of Mr Mort on the ol' Beseler. Look at Mordechai's left hand. See it? In his left palm is a crumpled Dunkin Donut's bag.

This seemingly innocent paper bag provides a stable brace reducing camera shake resulting in those ultra razor-sharp pictures Mr Mort is famous for. It also smells like a Cruller giving the hip blogger that transcendental state he's also famous for.


Anonymous said...

Blow Up! See any bodies back there? That,s cool, though, never heard of that shooting technique. Sometimes I use a long stout cord tied to a tripod screw attached to the camera's underside. I step on the cord to create a kind of unipod. It sort of works. Man, crullers! You get a "two-fer" that way.

But Beseler? Still? Or maybe a Beseler app?


brohammas said...

I don't know why, but I've always liked pictures of people taking pictures.

tintin said...

DB- Beseler rules but my Gray Lab timer is on the fritz. Got a spare?

brohammas- Actually, Mr Mort is taking a picture of another photographer. This guy:


Foster Huntington said...

rocking the ll bean barn jacket. he is a hilarious dude.

tintin said...

Foster- Check out Ryan's photography on the web site I mention. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

its das nicht Robert E. Bryan im hintergrund...?

tintin said...