21 July 2010

Trad Approved Ephemera

Among rack after rack of 'curated' boredom at Capsule - I ran into Grahame Fowler. And what a breath of fresh air he is. We talked about all kinds of things including vintage Rolexes, Hornets and military salvage. He gave me the piece of paper up there and asked that I stop by his shop on West 10th.

I stuffed the paper in my pants pocket and didn't really look at it until I got home. Simple but imaginative. Stamps and bleeding ink. It reminded me of a Lloyd's of London line slip. Each underwriter takes a percentage of risk and puts his 'line' down via a stamp. Just like that thing they stamp your passport with. I love paper.

Anyway, with the fashion over load going on in NYC this week - I thought I'd share something you don't wear. Although, those stamps would make a bitchin' t-shirt. Hmmm? Dear Mr. Lauren...


TRVS said...

I love paper, too. This is great ephemera. I'd buy the T~shirt.


Enzo AGC said...

Remember these?


The blackwatch suit? One and the same. The couple times I met Grahame he couldn't have been nicer. Unfortunately LAS had a very different experience with him than you and I this past Monday....

Regardless, you should check the shop out. Its all about value and right up your alley. Great US-made clothing at reasonable price.

brohammas said...

I had something to say but forgot it by the end because every time I hear that word, all I can think about is a Camaro.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I'm stoked just looking at them.

Anonymous said...

I too can never get enough of this kind of thing, having diligently collected and saved all kinds of hand stamped receipts, visas, ferry tickets and train stubs from my travels.

It's a link to fast-waning analog world of entry and commerce marked in human time. I share no such interest in computerized receipts, sent from their machines in a series of annoying staccato clicks.

Keep collecting, as any designer would do the same.


Baron said...

I am going to move in with you. I could make myself useful by typing your letter to Mr. Lauren. Okay?

tintin said...

TRVS- I'm putting you down for an order. They're $120 a shirt and you get a signed PBR from me.

Enzo- I'd cut GF some slack. That show was banging 12 with the aloof hipster 'tude. Did you see the guy with the leather apron? It was everywhere and I would have been a raging asshole after an hour. Not that I'm not one usually but you get my drift.

brohammas- I have no idea what you're talking about. Not that I ever do. I usually have this issue with anyone from Phila. I have no idea why.

LBT- I'll put you down for one? Maybe two?

DB- Geez, man. Who knows when anything on paper'll be like an artifact.

Baron - If you were a Baroness you could move in.

tintin said...
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