27 July 2010

Do You Have American Style?

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Deduct 25 points for taking a style test.

Deduct 25 points for calculating score.

Add 50 points for taking style test at work.


Trailer Trad said...

I challenge you to compare a vintage M magazine with today's 'men's' rags and not cry. And, yes, I would like a phone in my car.

Anonymous said...

Tin Tin, Do me a favor and don't publish the previous message. Thanks.

tintin said...

Anon - Are you Legume?

Drake said...

I remember the first time I encountered a car phone. I had just seen a game at the old Red's ballpark and the couple that was driving my sister and I home had us call our parents. From. the. car. It took a while for what was happening to register. The level of opulence that Buick Legacy represented to me is to this day unrivaled.

Michael said...
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Richard M said...

I own a copy of that issue-how many points do i get? Incidentally, the first post is 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

Uncharitably, is this an oxymoron?

Charitably, I think Ian Fleming thought not; 'Live and let die' and 'Diamonds are forever'are still worth a look.

Though let's agree to ditch the nylon in favour of the sea island cotton.