01 July 2010

Take Ivy Ad (1974)

1974 Advert from Men's Club Magazine

Take Ivy - reprint

Men's Club, the monthly magazine for young persons, presents an indispensable book for Ivy fans. In answer to the ardent hopes of Ivy fans, a photo collection of the 8 Ivy universities - Take Ivy - out of print for the longest time since 1965, is available again, and on sale now, for the first time in 8 years. (Advertisement & Translation courtesy of Heavy Tweed Jacket)


RWF said...

Amazon shows the book under pre-order status...was it released earlier?

Thanks for offering it to us. I compiled all of the photos into an online readable pdf:


Anonymous said...

When one consider how the American male was dressing in 1974, one is filled with even more admiration of the Japanese publisher.

tintin said...

RWF- The book will be released 31 Aug.

Anon - Good point.