21 July 2010

The Bucks Stop Here - Mark McNairy

Capsule - NYC - 7/20/2010


Chris said...

I wish I had made it out to the show...but a late night at work and the 22nd & 11th location precluded that.

Lots of great pictures all around.

McNairy...not sure what to say about that. I'm conflicted about him for sure.

L.A.S said...

What time where you there? Must have missed you...

Anonymous said...

I'm not loving the footwear that's been floating around lately. I think he's already got so many great options that he's starting to spread himself a bit thin in that department.

However, I'm excited for his apparel. I'd just love to find some stockists besides MWR and Epaulet that carry more shits, outerwear, pants, etc.

Anonymous said...

He's an obnoxious prick and his shoes are ugly.

The new Eastland handsewn-in-Maine line is really nice.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Blue soles on white bucks...sorry...that is just wrong.
Red crepe or they ain't proper bucks.

Family Man said...

I like some of his shoes, and I appreciate the inventiveness of those I don't, but I really can't stand the way he dresses (no socks with a suit?). And he needs a shave!

Anonymous said...

Flaming prick with no taste.

R.A. said...

"He's an obnoxious prick and his shoes are ugly."

McNairy works fast: http://tweetphoto.com/34071062

I like his style.

Memphis88 said...

Hey Anon 10:57,

McNairy is watching you!


Anonymous said...

I have a pair of the McNairy bucks which are pretty nice. The gold standard buck of the past 25 years was the Walk-Over (which also made the BB buck also) which regrettably is now out of business. The BB buck currently offered is not too bad as well. Alden does a classic buck which is not widely available- only a few select retailers- but is also north of $400.

Can't say I like much of anything else McNairy offers, though. Blue and yellow soles? C'mon. Don't go getting post-modern on us, will you. The loafer he did which had the Horween stamp on the outside was just as offensive as a RL gigantic pony or having a Chanel or Prada logo splashed on the side of your sunglasses.

Giuseppe said...

Contrast button down collar?

I thought I was the only one....

Enzo AGC said...

Anon 19:12 - Its funny that you mention walk over as they just relaunched at NY market week with bucks designed by none other than Mark McNairy.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Mr. Mcnairy to get a fucking real website, what's with this landing page shit. Thank you that will be all.

Anonymous said...

He's not a real designer, so why would he need a real website?

Paul Raymond said...

I really wonder about trying to mix classic with edgy styles ('cledgy'?). I was horrified with the Trickers on sale at Present in London. Poor Trickers. Like a chap trying to match trainers with a tweed three-piece in an attempt to stay 'relevant'.

tintin said...

Chris- MMc is not an easy person to talk to much less know or like. I can't tell if he hates me, thinks I'm a joke or digs what I do. And I don't really care.

The guy has an original spin on something and I like a lot of it. I can see the humor and I can see the cynic. Maybe that's why I like it.

LAS- Dude, I spent as little time there as I could.

Anon 10:00- Is that you, Mark?

Anon 10:57- I'm gonna have to copyright that comment.

Main Line- MMc should sell distressed bucks. Perfect for his image. I'm sure some of the other commenters here would love to pee on a pair.

Family Man- 80% of NYC needs a shave.

Anon 13:55 - You may get the bumper sticker.

RA- Gotta hand it to him. He's laughing all the way to the ATM.

Memphis 88- get in line.

Anon 19:12- He did some great classics. The croc and gator Weejun? Brilliant. And the Horween logo is not so bad in person. Not loud at all and something of an homage to a company in Chicago that's special. Prada don't surf.

Giussepe - That's what happens when you live in thrift stores. You're a good 7 - 10 years behind.

Enzo- Both barrels.

Anon 1:43 You should check out his blog.

Anon 10:46- Who is a real designer?

Paul Raymond- Not that I know anything but I think Trickers lost their older market. Back when they were sold next to Churches (pre those vulgarians at Prada) they never looked right to me. It was always a clunky shoe that for some reason appealed to the younger brits I knew. I always thought they looked like a mailman's shoe.

Anonymous said...

The guy is such a creep. Can't believe he is taken seriously. He seems to tweek Trad and it only comes out more vulgar and expensive. Funny how in contemporary culture glitz seems to prevail.

Tone Loki said...

Tintin - I think you're being a tad harsh on Tricker's. Their country shoe last is undoubtedly a 'clodhopper' - it's huge, sturdy and in no way intended for urban use. Go out in the British fields in a pair of Maltons with the commando sole and you'll soon see the benefit.

I like McNairy's bucks - they're made by Sanders in Northampton, so if you want them without the bells and whistles, here you go:


Paul Raymond said...

With Tricker's, perhaps it's a case of two nations divided by a common shoe style. In a sea of brogue-alikes, I quite like the fact that you can spot a Tricker's at 100 paces. They have a slightly eccentric quality. From my English perspective, I can think of nothing better to slip on for a winter trip to a country pub for a Sunday roast than my Bourtons.