31 January 2012

Palm Beach Life: A Box of Crackers

Where do these things come from? Actually, this one came from the Strand Bookstore but they're everywhere. Used bookstores, thrift shops, hospital consignment stores, attics and basements. Some stink of mildew or cigarette smoke but I don't care -- I love them. That non-slick patina has a homemade quality that's simple and honest.

Unique among the Life, Look and Time magazines are regional publications like Palm Beach Life. Most advertising is local and looks it. Format is simple and photography mediocre, but those small budgets result in unique images that almost 50 years later have held up better than national magazines of the era.

And then there are those rich crackers. It's always fun to look at the box they came in.


M.Lane said...

Love it! And, I love PB. It is the only beach I know where I can go out and be the guy with the best physique.

And...........all those nice grandpas taking their granddaughters out for dinner and jewelry! What a family spot.


Anonymous said...

There's almost an innocence in these images. It seems subdued, partly because of the era, and partly because the subjects seem pure in their motives to live and dress well. And then there's Lilly, selling dresses and fruit.


Brohammas said...

I once went on a weekend disaster recovery trip to FL after a hurricane. I spent my time repairing and cleaning up scattered cracker boxes.

Eric said...

I grew up in Lake Worth (the city where all the PB help lives) and I really do love the area. They just put a massive dock a few miles north in West Palm Beach where you can admire billionaire Russian's yachts.

Anonymous said...


Suburban Princess said...

I used to date a guy whose mom has a house in PB. I loved it there!

tintin said...

ML- Beach? Are they public?

Matthew- Remind me to tell you my, 'Lilly P at the Conch House' story. It didn't go so well.

Bro- Stop it -- You're the Lawrence Welk of stand up.

Eric- Russky yachts. Look at it from their POV. No such thing as debtor's prisons in the US. Russians do Capitalism better than Republicans.

Anon - I thought you were telling me to screw myself until I looked that up. Thanks. For the new LOL.

Suburban Princess - I think I speak for everyone when I ask, "Date?!"