01 July 2011

Off My Back: The Airmail Shirt

Lighter than airmail

Should always be rolled up

A love of buttons

Who doesn't like rabbits?

Back in the late '80s and early '90s my A.O. (Area of Operations for the civilians) in Manhattan was bordered by the Algonquin Hotel to the west and Brooks Brothers to the east. All I needed fell into that two block perimeter. Chipp. J Press. Brooks. JR Cigar. Mr Hoy at the Algonquin Bar. It was a target rich environment for a salesman from Chicago and easy on the shoe leather.

Today, as a resident of Manhattan, my favored A.O. is a perimeter down Lexington Avenue bordered by my barber, Paul Mole at 74th Street (ask for Gary the Russian) to the north and Garnet Wines at 68th Street to the south (where there's a stunning blonde who really knows her Bordeaux and Burgundy). Peter (hold 'em up) Elliot. R.O.P. infested Swifty's. J. McLaughlin. Neils Coffee Shop. Lexington Bar and Book. And a favorite, Roberta Roller Rabbit.

I picked up this RRR shirt last year thinking it screamed Independence. Hand blocked and dried in the sun, it's lighter than the airmail envelopes I remember from the '60s. Same color theme too. Break out the white shorts and boat shoes-- Hard to go wrong. $85 and unique to boot. There's not a lot for men but what there is should meet your sartorial mission for Summer. Avoidance of VV. Their web site is here.


Anonymous said...

I'll stick with my american flag parachute pants. They leave a lot to the imagination, let people know how patriotic I am, but keep people at a far enough distance because they aren't sure what my next move may be. Not to mention, they are great for stretching and doing squats while watching fireworks.

@ TinTin - How much do you bench?

Oyster Guy said...

That's a beaut of a shirt.

Joyeuse Fete du Canada or Happy Canada Day y'all !

tintin said...

2 button- Bench? 357 - Magnum.

Oyster Guy - Chevrolet Coupe. That's all the French I know.

Alice Olive said...

Love the lightness to this. You can't go wrong with stripes. They're a staple.

Anonymous said...

@ TinTin - .357 Magnum? You're in NYC. Now way you have a .357. Maybe a musket. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the long sleeve linen shirt. lightweight and sits in the sweet spot between looking a touch dressy but rolled up sleeve casual/relaxed. Keep your madras jacket, give me the shirt.

andrea said...

Parlons pas du 4 juillet; c'est la fete du Canada aujourd'hui (comme le Gars des huitres a dit)!

halfwhiteboy said...

it's definitely a beautiful shirt.

Brummagem Joe said...

"I'm a big fan of the long sleeve linen shirt."

Ditto brohammas. Good quality Italian linen shirts in nice stripes or solids. Comfortable and when laundered and pressed they look great. Boggi do some nice ones that won't break the bank.

Anonymous said...

Nice.. my july fourth garment is a big old americal flag RL sweater which aint workin' with the heat spell in Nor Cal right now....buttons are nice, like like little clam shells-pooka shells?