21 September 2010

The Trad Interviews Graham Marsh & JP Gaul

The Trad interview is a test on Trad sensibilities and preferences. It's supposed to be fun. I mention this for those of you in the Jerry Springer seats. (click on images to enlarge)

I asked Graham Marsh and JP Gaul if they wouldn't mind taking the Trad Quiz. I've used this test a couple times while tailoring it to the individual subject. Mr. Gaul took the test over the phone and did not cheat. Mr. Marsh replied to the questions from an email. I don't know if he cheated or not but he did cop out a couple times by picking both answers.

Surcingle or Strap: GM-Surcingle / JPG-Strap
Answer: Strap. Understated and elegant with Tiffany buckle options.

Giuffre or Mulligan: GM- Both / JPG- Mulligan
Answer: Giuffre. In the movie, Jazz on a Summer's Day, Jimmy Giuffre and his band wear Trad tan suits. Gerry Mulligan wears a red blazer that wouldn't look out of place behind a hotel front desk. "Ding, ding...Front!"

Old England or Hackett: GM- Old England / JPG- Old England
Answer: Old England. 99.9% of the Yanks reading this don't know what Old England is much less where.

Vespa or Lambretta: GM- Vespa / JPG- Vespa
Answer: Lambretta. Both scooters are unreliable but look cool. Like most Italians. But Vespa is everywhere in the states so the nod goes to the rarely seen Lambretta.

Jamal or Davis: GM- Miles Davis / JPG- Miles Davis
Answer: Ahmad Jamal. Miles Davis was greatly influenced by Ahmad Jamal. Once you've listened to Poinciana you'll understand why.

Pea or Duffle: GM- Pea / JPG- Duffle
Answer- Duffle. The Pea does not cover your ass nor is it warm. And if you've ever been to Norfolk, VA you know the other reasons.

Press or Brooks- GM- Brooks / JPG- Press
Answer: Neither. Trick question. The answer is the Andover Shop.

Tassel or Weejun: GM- Weejun / JPG- Weejun
Answer: Weejun. Because I am one.

Bean or Orvis: GM- Bean / JPG- Orvis
Answer: Orvis. Bean is pursuing the skinny hipster. Orvis continues to keep the fat, middle aged man in mind. Where's Bean gonna be when hipsters move onto Nik Nik?

Esquire or GQ: GM- Both / JPG- Esquire
Answer: Esquire. I didn't see anything from GQ in this book but there's a lot from Esquire. Again, Mr. Marsh picks both but this time he gets a pass. He has a book to sell.

Auto or Stick: GM- Stick / JPG- Stick
Answer: Stick. I shouldn't have to tell you why.


Makaga said...

Great posts!

Oyster Guy said...

The lesson for me in this test is don't mess with The Trad, he'll eff you up!

I thrifted a mini blue gingham BD a few weeks ago and was unwittingly pairing it with a herringbone jacket. Little did I know I was setting myself up for murdah.

I the Hickey Freeman Flight Coat label has to be one of my faves from the period. Love the aircraft. I have one in navy cashmere.

I first went to the Andover shop in Cambridge in '87 when I was a mere lad of 20. I knew I was in exactly the right place because the procedure for actually purchasing something was not at all obvious !

jeff said...

Great quiz! Poinciana indeed...

Love the blog. Thanks for taking the time to make it interesting.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great book. Thanks for the well done posting and pics.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the deep scholarship. Well done. There are a few of us gals who dress guy trad, it just works, guy sizes and all. I snipped all the locker loops off, I hate them. Was the Tradewinds up and running when you were there? Ever hear of Gamble Rogers, he was such a draw to those of us born and raised just north at J-action-ville.

Anonymous said...

The question should have been: Penny or Tassel?

Both styles were marketed as "Weejuns" by Bass.

Anonymous said...

I've been involved with advertising and design for 25 years and I simply never get tired of ads from that influential ten year period of the mid '50s to the mid '60s. Glad you don't either. Thanks for posting.