02 September 2010

Blind Oxford Tasting: No. 3

$35.50 Hyde Park available from Lands' End - Shirt #3

Collar: Lined 3 1/8" collar with slight roll and narrow tie space with double needle stitching.
Body: Single needle with split yoke and hanger loop. 21 1/2" wide x 28 1/2" long on 15-4.
Sleeves/ Cuffs: Single needle cuff with 9" wide sleeve and one cuff button.
Pocket: 4 5/8" with 'V' stitch.

G. Bruce Boyer (15 1/2 - 2)
"Mediocre, ordinary cloth, average quality."

The Goods-
Color: B
Weave: B
Hand: C
Weight: C
Quality: C

Robert Bryan (15-4)
"No complaints. Love the back loop. Nice cuff treatment. Nice extra buttons. Like slimmer body."

Color: B
Weave: B
Hand: B
Weight: B
Quality: B

Robert Bryan awards the new Hyde Park Most Traditional and Best Overall. Upon discovering the price he added Best Value. Made in Malaysia, the Hyde Park is an attractive shirt with detailed button hole stitching and a trimmer fit than the other four. It is the only shirt with a locker loop (can be added on Mercer) and double needle stitching (-) on the collar.


Peter Wilborn said...

Depressing that Bryan gave best shirt to something he graded as a solid B.

tintin said...

Peter- Robert is no idiot. He has his reasons here as well as his height and weight.

Anonymous said...

This shirt has never scored on the Tradometer to me [scoper/buyer for husband, sons, brothers] because of the double needle stitched collar for one, the locker loop for another. One needle only, otherwise it's a modern iteration of trad, but not trad. To me, peak locker loop era was mid-60s Gant. A beautifully made detail at the time, the vintage Gant loop sat down precisely at the awkward juncture of yoke:pleat and did so because it was designed and executed to sit down just so - an OCD's dream come true because you never saw the seam in the loop. But since then, the milennium loop's become a floppy lasso, crudely wrought, the seam yelling for attention; gratuitous. I got carried away there. Thanks for this great comparative blind test. Will have to dig back through to find your comparative chino story. Great work. F.

Charlie said...

The double seam collar is the "Hell No" aspect of this shirt that I will not budge for. Even if old Brooks Brothers shirts exhibited something similar in their sport shirts, which they did. Besides the collar these shirts are bulletproof in stitching and the locker loop is sweetness manifested.

tintin said...

Flo- Love it. You nailed a lot of things there.

Charlie- When I was in school kids would cut your locker loop off. There was a fairly nasty name for the loop as well but I went to schools in fairly nasty towns.

Anonymous said...

should have grabbed the oxford off their canvas line.