08 September 2010

Classic Sarandon

Susan Sarandon - New York Magazine 9 13 2010


Anonymous said...

She never did it for me. Too much political talk. When I googled Bricklin to find out who he is, he looks like a young Tim Robbins. I guess she "traded-in for a newer model". Good for her, I guess.

-- A different anon. poster from a (different, I hope) St. Louis law firm

Alice Olive said...

I liked Mark Seliger's ping pong "action" shots of Susan!

colleen said...

I too find Ms. Sarandon's strident political rants unappealing. However, as a straight white women, I do find ber breasts to be quite beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I prefer my women to have rather more conventional notions of morality and decency (like mine). As with women like Jane Fonda, any physically attractive features she has/had are irreparably marred by the ugliness of her behavior and beliefs.

tintin said...

I guess one man's lack of morality and decency is another man's good time. I'd play ping pong with her anytime and I'm a veteran.

Anonymous said...

I am strongly politically conservative and like Palin.

That said, I would play pin pong, board games, or spin the bottle with both Susan Sarandon or Jane Fonda. And if their political rants get to you on a date, put some cotton plugs in your ears and smile. The ageless Miss Sarandon looks the same as in her debut in that Little Rocky Horror story.

porter hovey said...

Love, love, love, love her! Totally great!!

Anonymous said...

I like a woman with an opinion and a spine. I also like her to be scorching hot, and to me she is not.

Hey, to each his own.

tintin said...

porter! Welcome. Your blogs remain some of my favorites.

Brohammas- To each his own indeed. You live in Philadelphia. I could never do that again. Hands down the most broken city in the US and it's a crying shame. It has so much potential but everyday I lived there I saw a very ugly city. And I lived on Wahington Square South.

those tricks said...

To all : Susan Sarandon is awesome. Shut it. At least she uses her platform to sometimes promote issues she believes instead of only products, like most celebrities.

And a side note, tin-tin : I briefly dated Jonathan when we both lived in LA. And this is sooo him. Watching that news story made me lol, literally. I would not be surprised if they were indeed hooking up, i.e. getting it on.

tintin said...

those tricks- I know I'm old but I do know what 'hooking up' means. It's when you attach your static line to the cable.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Phila. is a far different and better City these days in a variety of ways...lot of changes since. Old City, Port Richmond,A World Series Crown, local beer, and always a good music scene, still a world class orchestra and some world class chefs and restaurants. Not New York of course...but we don't wanna be. A beautiful City by most accounts...broken in ways that are common to all big urban areas these days. Ok...had to weigh in on this...was gonna mention I thought Sarandon jumped the shark with "White Palace." She has always sported a wonderful bust and seems to to this day. She was fairly dazzling in Rocky Horror...

tintin said...

I'm sittin here having your Bitter Lemon with a Spanish Blood Orange Liqueur so I need to be careful. But here's the deal. Philly is dirty, corrupt, dangerous, unlicensed, uninsured, oblivious to stop signs, resentful and cheap.

I lived there in 1985, 2001 and I am there a lot today. Yeah, the beer's good, the restaurants are good but geez, a man can't live on the Nodding Head alone.

Some old farts at the Union League of Phila once asked me why U of Penn students left Philly so soon after graduation. I suggested it might be because there was nothing to do.

I was a single man in center city. Horrible. Those memories give me the shakes.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Some points taken and well made Sir....Corrupt...certainly; dirty...No; Dangerous? No more than any other City and definitely not in Center City; uninsured..yep. Not sure what unlicensed means but for drivers? Perhaps.
I really believe a lot has changed here for the better in last 10 years and that is evidenced by influx of disgrunlted NYers and commuter types.I am sure by cheap you do not mean inexpensive...but it is a lot more affordable than NY or DC or Chicago. Thriving academic and medical and research community...more grads are staying...I realize I am not going to convince you but hope my beloved City could get a little better press here on an oft-read Blog such as yours. Enjoy that drink and stay tuned about boxing. When next here in Quaker City, we'll hit Chris' Jazz and some other spots and I'll show you what I mean...Piazza at Schmidt's for instance...renovated waterwoks etc. My apologies for flying off topic here...and what do you think about Susan's Shark Jumping?

Main Line Sportsman said...

Also, check out my post on Eagles Fans on my latest post for some good old Philly self loathing to temper my civic horn blowing. I think I really excoriate the boys at the Linc.

Anonymous said...

why do you only old hags are you a fag or something?

tintin said...

Shakespeare, Let me see if I have this right. Having the hots for Susan Sarandon makes me gay? BTW, what's the Residence Inn in Carmel Indiana like?

tintin said...

Main Line- Phila has the one of the highest, if not the highest, murder rates in the country, if not the world.

Your auto insurance in center city reflects the utter Wild West situation of people driving without a license much less auto insurance. It's a huge problem.

One of the worst cities to ride a bike in because no one pays attention to the stop signs or traffic lights and enforcement of traffic laws is MIA.

If your shopping isn't along the lines of a dollar store you best head for the 'burbs.

And the kids graduating from Penn don't care about the Phillies or the Eagles. They want a vibrant city with a night life. Vibrant night life...in Philly?

Yes, it's cheap. But the state stores for wine are not. And they are horrible.

But you can always steal a museum there. It's the only city I know of where you can get away with that. Brotherly love for sure.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy you two. Asone not from here... who still loves it here...
Messy? HEAVENS YES!!! I sport my Philthy shirt all the time as this is the absolutley dirtiest place I have ever seen. Sorry Mainline, its true. I live in aformentioned Port Richmond... I placed a 60 gallon municipal trash can on my block due to the mess. It filled up to capacity every week, I had to empty it myself as the city refused to do so, till the can itself was stolen last year. WHO STEALS A TRASH CAN?

That aside Tintin, you may have some unusual demands for nightlife, or possibly my tetotalling self has been married far too long, but Silk City, all of Northern Liberties, and all sorts of other places are great. But then again, I have neither the energy nor babysitting budget to stay out all night, so ignore me.

Dangerous? yes. I spent a lot of time in North Philly and Kensinton, I coach a high school football team in Kensington, and this place is legitimately rough. Thats why we loove rocky.

On that note I say we host our Manhatanite friend to an early morning workout at the Front st. boxing club, watch some fights at the Blue, then get him tipsy in Old City and roll him down the steps of the art museum.

But really, why cant you love the contrast of UPenn and the world bicyle polo championships, Miramotos and Tony Luke's, The Philadelphia Raquet Club and the Front St. Boxing Club?

I love a world with both the grit and the gloss... where I can still afford to keep a car to get outa dodge when I feal like it...

Of course I only say this because I can't afford NYC....

Waht was the original topic here? Oh yes, Miss Sarandon. Her mouth and what comes out of it is just fine, its my urge to pinch her nostrils together that I have issues with.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Bro-Well said. I mainly move around Center City and Old City. I still think those Zips are safe and clean. I think you are right that Tin is missing the nightlife boat 'cause N. Lib and Old City and Delaware ave are pretty hot.
Unfortunately, we cannot treat him to fights at The Blue..it is shut down by L&I and Revenue because the owners screwed up on many levels. However, I am representing a group of promoters that want to buy it and bring back the glory. Indeed, Tin, The Legendary Blue Horizon was named by Ring Magazine as the best venue to see a fight...in the world...so at least we got that huh?
Until then...I have a 21 seat private box at The Arena in S. Philly...which is a fairly good venue.
Last, Tintin...you score on "The Art of the Steal" debacle and Barnes move....astounding what they did to that old man's will. Nevertheless, many are happy that they will get access to that collection....indeed the Amtrak tracks will be screaming with your Big Apple neighbors streaming down to see the paintings. Thanks for the discourse Gentlemen!

Anonymous said...

SuSa's somnolent countenance exemplifies high fructose corn syrup deficiency. She needs coke.


tintin said...

Main Line and Bro- Hey, I think Phila has great potential but it needs a lot of help. It's broken. And if you can't buy that I suggest, for the sake of comparison, you try Chicago for a week. That's a city that works. Best thing Phila could ever do is recruit Richie as mayor.

Somehow boxing gyms seem so right in Phila. Another observation I made living there was the "Best of Philadelphia" magazine. Amazing how many places were in NJ and DE.

Tater- I don't think what she's doing is being tired.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tintin, finally I agree with you completely. LOADS of potential... but its broken.

I oft complain that those who run and love
philly only go to the cool parts and fool themselves into thinking things are great. Not blasting my good man mainline here, but if the powers that be spent more time in N. Philly they would not be so upset when visiting royalty coments that our people live in squalor. "ignore the trash, just look at the mural".
At least give us this... the coolest talk show band in NYC is from Philly.

TRVS said...

Have you seen her in Enchanted? Don't mess with this cougar! (sorry, I have an 8 year old, movie ratings are strict around here.)

Family Man said...

those tricks said:

"I like Susan Sarandon, and if you don't, you're wrong. In fact, you don't even have a right to a negative opinion, much less the right to spout it."

Or at least that's what your post means.

Nice. Your liberal intolerance goes well with the moral trainwreck that is Miss Sarandon.

Hot? Yes. Appealing? Never.

ignorancearbitrage said...

Few things inspire stronger opinions in me than Philadelphia (precisely because it has such great bones) and its citizens.

I lived in Philadelphia for grad school (off and on for 6 years) and to back up TinTin: what a shit hole (whole). People are mean (not hurried in a big city way, just mean), your fancy neighborhoods (and I lived in Rittenhouse Square) are riddled with crime and abandoned buildings/storefronts, your city is corrupt and not fixed (as in, not Chicago), the Union League (your only non-inbred city club, and I've been to all of those) is filled with impolitic strivers and salesmen (no offense, TInTin) who seemingly sell at the club (or at least give it that air). Oh, and the racism is like no place else I've ever been.

And yet it inspires some kind of loyalty in the people who have never left it. Perhaps precisely because they don't know any better.

ignorancearbitrage said...

Few things make me more impolitic than Philadelphia (for many of the same reasons as TinTin-- it has great bones) and its residents.

I lived in Philadelphia (and still get there often) for six years in the last decade and all I can say is: What a shit hole (whole?). The people are rude and mean (or even better-- bete et mechant), the city is corrupt and not working (TinTin and I both lived in Chicago-- an example of a corrupt city that works), it is unbelievably (and unconcerned with the fact that it is) racist, its nice neighborhoods (I lived in Rittenhouse Square and dated a girl in Old City) are crime riddled and dirty (trash, broken sidewalks, abandoned buildings and lots), its Fans mistake boorishness for passion (boorish is a good description of the city as a whole) and don't even get me started on its clubs (private or public-- I'd rather MainLine Sportsman made me go three rounds with one of his pugilists than spend anymore time in the Union League with its air of Life Insurance salesmen selling you insurance).

And the worst part is that rather than seeing many of these things as problems, Philadelphians embrace them.


[And I'm a flaming liberal, but something about Saradon drives me nuts. (Pascale Rocard on the other hand-- well if I had to go three rounds to get to her...)]

those tricks said...

@ Family Man : hahaha.

You know the fun of blog comments (esp on the trad) is to offer up sarcastic opinions, right? If not, yay! Now you are clued in.

But for the record, I would say the same thing for any celebrity who uses their communication power not just to make themselves more money, but to promote human/animal/earth betterment topics they believe in.

Plus, I worked with Susan on two films and she is genuine with barely a hint of celebrity-douchery.

Unless everyone here who made a negative comment about her has also actually had conversations with the woman, yeah - guess what? Your comments don't mean nuthin' 'cause you are making your judgement 100% from what the media has fed you.
so there.

ps Philly does suck. It's barren and unfriendly. Those liquor laws are horrid. And why is there a new township with a new cop with a new speed trap every mile once you leave town? (wink) <-----@family man, that's a little extra sign for you to understand this p.s. is "tongue in cheek" (wink)

Family Man said...

those tricks,

So, I'm supposed to read between the very few lines of your brief missive to understand that you don't really mean what you say? Or that you were being sarcastic/ironic/whatever, and that it should be obvious because--why?

However, you are making it clear that in your opinion, no one who lacks first-hand experience with someone/something has any right to an opinion on that person/topic.

Uh, no. That's not how the world works. Clearly the media image of a person is not the sum of that person, but it's what we have to go on. Miss Sarandon's public personality is something that she has had a large role in crafting, and we can criticize her (or anyone else, for that matter) based on her words and her actions.

Also, if genuineness is key, then it doesn't matter what someone believes, as long as they're genuine, we can't criticize them. Is that what you're saying? By that criterion, it is not allowed to criticize Moslem terrorists, NAMBLA members, or anyone else, no matter how odious their views, as long as they're "genuine."

Uh, yeah. Right. Sure.

those tricks said...

@ Family Man.
Please go out and have a cocktail and get laid.
Or at least pet a puppy or giggle with a kid over something fun & silly.
i.e. lighten it up killa.

Family Man said...

those tricks,

If we were in court, I believe you would be labeled "non-responsive" and the lawyer would ask to be able to treat you as a hostile witness.

Ennyhoo, you're saying that you're incapable of following up on what you started, and of following through on the logical implications of your ideas. I guess I should just ignore what you have to say in the future. After all, since you don't take yourself seriously, why should anyone else?