02 September 2010

Blind Oxford Tasting: No. 5

$149.00 available from the Orvis Heritage Collection - Shirt #5

Collar: Lined 3 1/8" collar with a slight roll and narrow tie space.
Body: Single needle stitching with one piece yoke. 23 1/2" wide x 29" long for Medium.
Sleeves/Cuffs: Double stitched cuff with 10 1/2" wide sleeve and two cuff buttons.
Pocket: 5 1/4" wide with straight stitch.

G. Bruce Boyer (Medium)
"Completely ordinary and indistinguishable from other average shirts."

The Goods-
Color: B
Weave: B
Hand: C
Weight: C
Quality: C

Robert Bryan (Medium)
"Okay, but hate the near straight cut bottom. Button holes rough. Sleeve length too long."

The Goods-
Color: A
Weave: B
Hand: C
Weight: B
Quality: B

The most expensive shirt of the tasting and the only Alpha size (M,L,XL) as opposed to individual neck/sleeve. The Gitman Bros website offers a MTM version for $10 less and a individual sized version for $110.


notesandbeats said...

I'm sure these Orvis shirts will be half off in a month or so. They need to list a ridiculous price to fit their pricing model. You can tell by looking at this shirt that the collar is horrible (stiff).

Toad said...

I ask curiously, so what did you learn here, that you previously hadn't expected?

while I enjoyed the professional examination, I would have guessed the results at the beginning.

tintin said...

notesandbeats- Maybe. I dunno about pricing and mark ups.

toad- You're kidding me? Bryan takes the $34.50 Hyde Park ignoring the Mercer while Boyer ignores the Hyde Park and takes the Mercer and Brooks. And you ask me a question like that?

toad, I know a lotta you air force weenies smoked huge amounts of weed in the day but you're retired now.

And when you swipe a image of booze off my blog (or anyone elses) and post it on your blog without credit - that ain't right.

Anonymous said...

It is always gratifying to have one's prejudices confirmed.

Anonymous said...

TinTin, thanks for the comparison. Would have been interesting to add one of those NOS Brooks Brothers shirts from O'Connell's. I always wonder if our fondness for those is nostalgia or reality. A Gitman question: To your knowledge, is there any difference between the Orvis shirt you tested and what Gitman calls its Cambridge Oxford -- $110 on its own site or $87 on the Eljo's site?

tintin said...

anon- I agree on the NOS but they didn't have many sizes left by the time we did this.

Re: Gitman. I'm not sure but will check. The shirt is even cheaper as the Andover TTX at $82 but I'm not sure that's the same as the Eljos. It's all so confusing.

Bang Potential said...

flipping great post!! exactly what I was looking for,

I'm slim but really curious what the BB extra slim is like, also curious how the American Apparel one stacks up

I think a medium spread/hybrid collar is key, wish polo made a ponyless one