15 September 2010

Talula's Table

Small and cozy

Moist and chunky

Thick and crema

Praise Cheeses

The table

Just over the PA/DE border is the tiny town of Kennett Square. Famous for mushrooms and the earthy smell that accompany them. The town is also getting known for a restaurant called Talula's Table which smells a lot better. Especially in the morning.

The lemon ginger scone will kick your door down and steal your girlfriend too. Massive moist with chunks of real ginger and bright lemon icing. I thought I had a three way going on in my mouth. They should post a warning about eating one of these while driving - - With each bite I banged on the steering wheel.

And the coffee? Every time I order a triple Americano I'm asked, "Room for cream?" And I always want to say, "Not if you know how to make it." But most places don't. Weak with a thin piddle of crema. Just look at the crema sticking to the side of the cup up there. That, my friend, is expresso porn.

It's a market. It's a restaurant. It's confusing. Not easily stuck in a category. Which is where I find everything that is good in life.



I didn't know places like this exist in the United States.

Anonymous said...

I've had girlfriends stolen by treats across the table. It goes something like this: A middle-distance stare, a slight smile, a tilting back of the head. She always returns, of course, but with a displaced and distracted look of annoyance, as if to say to me, "Are you still here?." I usually end up feeling like the third wheel in a just-interrupted tryst, replaced by a surrogate lover in the form of a scone. Or a cruller.

The day is never the the same after that. "Another Americano, please. Yes, thanks, a triple."


Easy and Elegant Life said...

THAT is a cup of coffee. And now I want one, damnit.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

THAT is a cup of coffee. And now I want one, damnit.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Whilst we're on the subject of having to travel (in the above case to get a good cup of coffee), I'd be interested to learn about your travel rig. Shoes, trousers, sportcoat? Suit? OCBD? Bowtie? Open neck? How about luggage? Globetrotter? Canvas?

Just curious and thought it might make for a good post.

Marsha said...

I live only 15 miles or so from that place, but have yet to visit. It's time, I think.

Anonymous said...

This is really excellent, Tradski, no foul ups; you're soaring.


Anonymous said...

That restaurant is wonderful, the food fresh and local. Getting a spot at The Table is not fun (or easy). But, if you can get it (or the Chef's table in the back), it will be a wonderful experience. I highly recommend!


Main Line Sportsman said...

Tremendous place...as was Django's..(the owners prior gig in Phila.) Takes a year to get a res. Luckily my lovely Wife scored a reservation for my Birthday in April 2011. She had to call in April 2010 to do so.
When your are next in that area of Southern Chester County try: The Whip Tavern. A great joint where you get respectable English Pub fare and good pints of Black and Tan or a Guiness and Pear cider...all while hanging with the local Steeplechase jocks and trainers.
Grea post on a great joint...

Anonymous English Female said...

I'm with E&E - THAT is a cup of coffee. Great photos - believe me: I have no sense of smell/taste and my mouth is watering!

TRVS said...

As my grandmother's poodle would say:
"Woof~num~num"...lemon & ginger scones are classic melt~aways...check out The Coffee Exchange on Wickenden if you ever jump off the rail in Providence...woof num num.