02 April 2012

Holy Week: Shagging

It's about a love of the South. Don't fuck with with me on this... It goes beyond accent. If you're from here -- you'll know it. If you've never seen it -- you owe me.

'Give It Everything'
What about the things you want?
What about the things you need,
Versus the things you don't have?
You should have,
All of this world's desires,
All of this world's entire
Bounty and beautiful love

The stars and the moon
And the birds soar real soon
You should have
All the things that you need
Give it everything
All the world to bring
If you believe in something
You go to give it everything
There's no time to waste
There's no life to take
Believers don't have to make haste

Oh no, but "I love you"
Are more than just some sweet words
"I love you"
Are the sweetest words I ever heard
One thing about I can't explain
That you are the world to me
When you're sure you love me
Show you love tenderly


Why should settle for second best
When you haven't tasted all the rest
Listen to me
Listen to my request
You should have all the things you want,
the things you need
All of the things your mind can conceive

Al Green


Anonymous said...

I owe you. So this is probably the dance that works so seamlessly with (North)Carolina native Billy Stewart's songs? So cool you had that Myrtle Beach/Fat Boy dance experience of your own years ago.


NCJack said...

Saw Billy a couple of times myself. It's interesting trying to explain "Beach Music" to a non-native...no, it;s not exactly R&B...no, there's some Motown groups but that's not it...well, you probably haven't heard of most of the famous groups...it's a shag beat...no, that's not exactly a slower jitterbug...ya had to've been there

Main Line Sportsman said...

The movie" Shag" does a pretty good job on this topic....and Bridget Fonda and Phoebe Cates make it visually pleasing!!

The View from The Back said...

A truly good shag partner is hard to find....if you find one you keep 'em.

tintin said...

DB - I'm still a sucker for a frosted shag...

NC Jack- Shag reminds me of the Jitterbug after six beers. I don't think things start cooking in this vid until about 2 minutes in. It's like they had some required moves and then they just let it go.

Main Line - Phhhooobbbeeeee...

View from the back- The Shag would confirm an old friend's observation that white people move their feet too much when they dance.

Trailer Trad said...

One of the more memorable pieces of dialogue from the underrated classic Shag-

Carson (Phoebe Cates):” What are your plans (after graduation)?”
Buzz Ravenel: “I figured I'd bum around Italy or somewhere's. -Look at statues. Pick up women.”
Carson: “That's a lofty aspiration.”
Buzz: “ It's a damn sight better than manufacturin' cigarettes for your daddy."

randall said...

Man. I've always wondered what a shag looked like. That's amazing stuff. It looks like they're dancing on a treadmill.

tintin said...

Notice how her left hand is almost always free? That's so she can hold a beer and a menthol More.

Julia said...

I still don't completely understand, but the menthol More is making this clearer.

Anonymous said...

I have this same video saved as a Youtube favorite. The song they are shagging to is by Al Green.

Thanks for posting.


Phil Asby said...

Brilliant. When my sister headed off to college she would come home for breaks and make me practice dancing with her. Shagging. I hated it as a young angst filled Clash/Jam fan (in spite of my Lacostes). When I got to UNC years later I discovered an astounding fact - memorialized by southern native Don Dixon - most of the girls like to dance but only some of the boys do. That I could dance, that I would dance and that I was actually halfway decent paid dividends I had never imagined. I still owe her a thank you. I can't hold a candle to those two - they are on a different level. But I for darn sure could manage a long neck while directing my partner around the dance floor, unless we were going to take on a few death drops. God Bless You.

Thornproof said...

bad ass dancing. thx

Anonymous said...

Please check your AAAC messages.


("Shad" Alberty, arguably the Astaire of shag dancing, though past his prime here:


tintin said...

Tater - Check your AAAC. I love that name, Shad Alberty. You know, I always get misty when I watch shag dancing. Most likely 'cause I wish...I really wish, I could'a belonged.