01 January 2010

Friday Belt: Pick-Me-Up...Later

The Wardrobe
The Belt

The Position

The Potion

Back to the Position


Julia said...

Happy new year Tintin. The Trad is one of my favorite discoveries of 2009; you make laugh, you make me cry.

You're very talented.

initials CG said...

Well..the robe is nice, but after last night , those dots look pretty big...

You're gonna have to lay out that potion a bit...is it a light touch down, or a cure...?

Happy New Year Tin, great stuff!

foolio_iglesias said...

man,you chillin.

Sandra said...

Happy New Year! Love this post. Your blog has been a great addition to my daily reads in 2009!

RandyLuvsPaiste said...

P.S.- your ankles are NOT fat. Anyone who says different is just a hater. Ignore them.

-dan said...

Looks like the components of a bloody Caesar from here. Oh, Canada... It had to be a GOOD New Year if you're temporarily out of the active ingredient.

Anonymous said...

Great post. But in my neck of the (snowy) woods, it's all heavy cashmere robes and shearling slippers, even taking the roaring fire into account!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd say that you have come a helluva long way from the days of the Army issue green jacket and the Vanil-O-Lunch crackers with Diet Pepsi! But I knew back then that one day I would see this photo. Cheers in 2o1o! ME

GSV JR said...

Check... Check... Hey, Golds! But where the hell's the Everclear?

heavy tweed jacket said...

Best wishes to you in 2010. I can imagine the feeling after a bit too much 'amazake' (sweet hot sake) on New Year's even/morning to seal the deal a couple of evenings ago. Hope you're feeling better.

ADG said...

Where did you get those needlepoints my man?


Ps... I just outed you and Aunt Tootie over at my blog.

tintin said...

Cathleen- You you for your kind words and very good taste.

cg- It's a cure. Too much red from a Spanish region recently introduced- Montsant - Mind blowing and cheap.

foolio- I'm actually quite warm but the observation is appreciated.

Preppy 101- HNY to you as well and remember. This year batik is the new madras.

Randy- I have a strange feeling that ankle thing is gonna follow me around for a while. Kind'a like going out the night before a MLB meeting.

-dan- outta what?

Death- You mean this stuff?


That's a Chicago robe.

ME- You forgot the boiled peanuts.

Stew- I had a funover. Cut me some slack.

Not a bad one really but I haven't seen 2AM since I was 26.

ADG- I'm not tradin 'em for your car; That's for sure. Send Tootie my love.

Kent said...

You can't show that photo of your Bloody Mary ingredients without sharing your recipe. That's just...wrong. :-)

tintin said...

It's a Virgin Mary but that's ok. Here ya go:

4 Oz Clamato Juice
1 squirt of catsup (optional)
1/2 tbsp Horse Radish
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
2 Shakes of Worcester
2 Shake Sherry Peppers

Mix and add ice. If you wanna Bloody, add a 2 Oz of gin or vodka and throw in come celery salt. I like a big dill pickle instead of celery stalk. Adjust to your taste.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

Ooooh I love those shoes AND that rug. :)

The Blushing Hostess said...

Wait. It's a Virgin? What the hell blog am I reading?

Okay, happy new year and I will shortly see your face in town. Ya, bring it!!!

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Sounds just like last weekend. But looks much, much better.

The shortest book on a perfect day ever written.

Happy New Year.

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* said...

Very clever. Wishing you a wonderful year and new decade.