21 January 2010

Rugby Tartan Slippers



I bet ADG wishes he had a pair...

I saw these slippers last November on the very cool blog, Disaffected Prep. I went looking for them but there was nothing on the Rugby web site and the only place I could find them was via the post link to some wacky French web site where they were 495 Euros. The French always get the good stuff.

A good friend was in town yesterday and despite my objections he wanted to visit Rugby for some goofy skull and crossbone slippers and wouldn't you know it - Under the goofy slippers were these wheels. 50% off to boot. Or, to slipper.


Brummagem Joe said...

Congrats tintin...these are just the sort of finds that I like myself....something you're not going to find on every street corner.

M.Lane said...

I love these slippers, but you should have passed on them in favor of the skull and crossbones pair. These don't go with your Rugby opera cape.


Brummagem Joe said...

btw tintin as a follow up if you're looking for unusual stuff at semi reasonable prices you should check out an Italian shirt shop on Madison at about 60th called Camiceria...a nice selection of accessories and some routine stuff but they have some very distinctive odd items like italian styled padded flannel jackets etc......for example over the winter they were offering a fantastically detailed polo coat much cheaper than Ralphie's and of equal quality.

Anonymous said...

Ralph ar is such a hack. Years ago, maxmore, a south african rugby jersey maker, made a reproduction of the Rugby "schoolhouse" jersey black and white thin stripes (think prison stripes) w/ a skull and crossbone. I presume that's where lipshitz got it.

Richard said...

I shamefully covet these shoes, and I searched the net for them as well with no luck. Unfortunately, there are no Rugby stores nearby. I will take comfort in knowing that they did not have a 10D. Appease me Trad, and tell me they were not avaliable :)

Paul said...

Surprise find on sale can make one's day! 'specially when it almost knocks you over. Glad you had a good time.

Brummagem Joe said...

"Ralph ar is such a hack."

....Like the curate's egg he's good in parts.....why anyone would pay inflated prices for his "rugby" shirts which are somewhat overcooked is a mystery but some of his stuff is very nice and true to the spirit of the ethos he tries to replicate....as with most things it's caveat emptor.....these slippers assuming tintin got them at a reasonable price (he's shrouded that in mystery) are very nice by any standards!

tintin said...

Joe- I don't think I'll see 'em coming and going.

M Lane- The Opera cape is history. It found a good home.

Joe- I love a good Polo coat. I'll check 'em out.

Anon- Look, I have many issues with RL but that's like saying I have issues with Obama over a parking ticket. It's the company that seems to be chock full of assholes - - at least in legal and what legal dept anywhere isn't chock full of assholes.

I have not been in Rugby for a while. Maybe a year. I was blown away with some of the stuff. And I think the women's side was better than the mens. Really unique stuff. Not that I can fit my fat ass into any of the mens but thank God my feet aren't fat.

Are they stealing everything they can? Yes. Will they try and copyright it? Probably. But Rugby makes Tommy Hilfiger look like Joe Shit the Rag Man. Which is a new line ADG and I are introducing.

Richard- I PM'ed you over an hour ago.

Paul- I think I saw these at the Ft Bragg PX in 1980 and I swore I'd never let them get away from me again.

Joe- Overcooked is the perfect word. They were 50% off $398. You do the math. I was an English major. "What glorious summer this sun (son) of York..."

Chris said...

I have to agree wholeheartedly on the company being full of shit. Just look at Chuck Fagan and Farrah.

As for Ralph, he runs an $8 billion clothing empire. Not bad at all. We might not like everything that has the polo name on it, but as with just about any line you have to dig for the good.

ADG said...

As Fuzzy Diced as I am-I wouldn't wear those slippies on a bet.


tintin said...

Chris- Wasn't Fagan dating Thom?

ADG- Your boy from Paul Stuart called to tell me they have that Scot dancing pump you want in purple suede. No upcharge since it was a cancelled order from somewhere on 48th St. Go catch your plane and don't forget my socks.

Anonymous said...

the shame is rugby jerseys (the game, not Ralph) are no longer thick cotton jersey. I used to get extra ones when i was in school and playing - they were about the same price as a sweatshirt but far more elegant. they got softer over time.. i still have mine from twenty years ago and they're in great shape.

Now Rugby players wear synthentic material so cotton jerseys are no longer made in bulk at least that i know of

Chris said...

Now that you mention it, that does ring a bell. I think it was when Thom was at Monaco, and it didn't end well.

I saw Fagan sitting courtside at the open this year. He was with some young thang who I can only assume is a Blue Label designer. Didn't get a good look, as I was in the cheap seats.

Brummagem Joe said...

tintin:"I love a good Polo coat. I'll check 'em out."

....It's marginally shorter than convention but imho looks better for it....the reason I've never bought one is their length always produce a drowning effect unless you're the size of Ahnnuld (and I'm 6')...if they'd had one in my size I'd probably have gone for it but being a boutique stock is limited.

" "What glorious summer this sun (son) of York..."

.....Ralphie seems to evoke more of a "winter of discontent" for some apparently

DAM said...

effe ADG, I wish I had a pair. And you can tell him I said as such.

GSV JR said...

You wear these things around the house, right? You lounge in them? I don't know, Tin. I just don't know.

This pillow, though:

tintin said...

Chris- Wow, I didn't know it went that far back. Not that there's anything wrong with it. You think they fought over clothes?

Joe- I've gone through 3 polo coats in 22 years. They don't wear well and seat belts do 'em in fast. I have one in a storage locker down in FL but it's pretty ratty. How much are they?

DAM - Trust me. ADG is all over them.

Stew- Yes, only in the house. Unlike ADG who would prance around D.C in them.

Chris said...

Something tells me the fights were more centered over Fagan's love of everything luxury and Thom's love of plain white toast (meant both literally and metaphorically).

I saw a Polo coat, 100% camel, Blue Label, at the Saks sale for $350. It was even a 40L. Even when they fit me, I look like a fool in them.

Wish it wasn't the case.

GSV JR said...

ADG's got bigger balls than the Macy's Christmas tree, I guess.

Brummagem Joe said...


"and seat belts do 'em in fast"

.....they were not intended to be worn under seat belts...do you also wear a hat when driving?

"How much are they?"

......originally three grand but now around $1775

tintin said...

Stew- Love that pillow. While we don't have 'covered porches' in Manahattan I think I could find a place for it.

Chris- Hmm, I always thought opposites attract. That's a helluva deal at Saks.

Stew - That's probably why he walks funny.

Joe- Real life often negates the care of clothing. For example, living in Chicago and driving in the winter. I could've ran out to the car, through the snow, started it, ran back in the house, through the snow, waited for it to warm up while I sipped Lapsang Souching and had a bikkie, then walked back out to the car, carrying my polo coat and gently laid it across the passenger seat or--put my coat on, walk out the car, which is minus ten degrees and put my seat belt on, etc...

I have been meaning to do a post on how some clothing does not make for an easy life and in fact is down right silly buy. Cotton khakis that require dry cleaning is just one example.

Brummagem Joe said...

tintin:"while I sipped Lapsang Souching and had a bikkie"

.....what bollocks....on the sort of day you describe you're probably going to be in quilted coat and duckboots....In New England/NYC it can get rather cold too...on more normal, dry but very cold days (say 15F)I throw my cashmere topcoat, scarf and hat on the back seat, climb aboard, and fire her up.....within five minutes it's no longer Stalingrad!......however I do agree about the inanity of cotton khakis

Brummagem Joe said...

Chris: "Even when they fit me, I look like a fool in them."

....They definitely don't work on everyone....basically they look best on big beefy guys....Tony Soprano comes to mind....the tall slimmer or small guy is going to look better in a vicuna or cashmere Chesterfield style....they had some fantastic examples in the Saks sale you mention that were very well priced.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Polo coats do a good stand in for a blanket when needed.

Wish I could reconcile myself to a skull and crossbones anything. Reminds me of my fraternity, which chapter had its charter pulled, the ground salted where the house stood and was forbidden to be spoken of by National's lawyers, at least one of whom I met by second semester, Freshman year. Never convicted.