06 August 2010

What Didn't Make Vanity Fair


Dried Blood

Black Watch & Brooks Polo

Runway to Reality

Alligator without being an asshole

1/2 lining in fall

Airborne, eh.

Your Fall “must have” accessory?
A Famous Grouse Tie from the FG on line gift shop. I switch from gin to scotch in the fall.

Loved this pattern for fall-
Blood red, over sized gingham, shirt from David Mercer at Mercer Shirts.

What is your wardrobe staple for fall?
Black watch sport coat in wool flannel. You can wear it with any color shirt but it looks best with a pink oxford button down from Brooks Brothers.

Advice on how to go from runway to reality?
Rotate at 75 knots in a Piper. I don't know how fast you have to be going in a Cessna.

The designer with the most wearable fall collection?
I'm a sample size in shoes so I'm sucking up to Mark McNairy for his alligator Weejun. I always thought alligator shoes on men screamed asshole -- The same guy who drives a Corvette and wears a fur coat -- But the Weejun style brings the 'Alpha Hotel' factor down.

What trends from spring/summer will carry over to this season?
Half linings in suits. I'm tired of sweating in fully lined suits when heat is everywhere. The subway is boiling. My apartment is boiling. The Ramen place on 57th and 6th Ave has to be the gateway to Hell. Besides, half linings make the inside of the jacket look better.

Your favorite on-line store?
Joe Druin Airborne Kit Shop -
The only place to buy Canadian Airborne stuff. Everything from blazer buttons to blazer badges to blazers. I never knew going through Canadian Jump School would provide me with such cool stuff that I'm actually authorized to wear. If Ralph Lauren ever found out about this place...Shit, I think he just did.


M.Lane said...

All fantastic stuff. I switch to [more] scotch in the Autumn. I'm getting a tie. If I have the jack, I am getting the blazer too.


Anonymous said...


Now that your one of the "in-crowd" there's no Friday belt?

Congrats anyway.

Belle de Ville said...

Love the alligator weejuns, and no they don't scream asshole at all.
I have alligator topsiders which I wear on occasion. I think are appropriately subtle too.

Anonymous said...

Any recommendations for a good place to acquire a black watch sport coat?

Bowen said...

So I can look forward to a fall season of seeing idiots wearing black watch with those ridiculous Prada glasses?

Trailer Trad said...

The right perspective can't bought at Savile Row, Madison Ave. or anywhere else. And if I had to guess, I'd say all this rolls off you like water down an alligator loafer.

Anonymous said...

I raise my G&T to you! Salute! You have arrived my dear...ME

Anonymous said...

Wrong about the alligator creepers; straight from Planet Vulagria, I'm afraid.


Unknown said...

Your runway-to-reality comment is deeply infused with essence of awesome. And I need a Black Watch blazer badly. Would much sooner put the Famous Grouse around my neck than in my mouth--Johnnie Walker Black Label, please.

Unknown said...

Balls to the wall, Tintin. 55 in the C-172.

TC said...

Always wanted Canadian wings. Only got Chilean. Lame.

NCJack said...

Amen on 1/2 or less linings, which used to be common. Saw a linen coat the other day with full lining...?????

brohammas said...

Wait... Canada has a military?

I kid, I kid...


initials CG said...

It's been a very long time, and i hate talking out my ass, but I seem to remember around 60 in the 152...practically takes off on its own

But my ass loves it so...

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Alligator loafers may be verboten, but croc shoes made from a perilously rare species are da bomb.

I'm strangely drawn to that Black Watch sport coat...

Glad you added the 'labels' gadget to the right of the site. About bloody time ol' chum.

Memphis88 said...

Those shoes scream asshole only because they're made by the supreme asshole himself, Mark McNairy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the attention- just please don't go Sartorialist on us.

Would greatly appreciate letting us see more of your Mercer shirts. I could also get behind a Black Watch blazer as well. What would be your source for an item like this- Press?

The alligator Weejuns are another matter. (OK, everybody deserves one "I know it's wrong, but why does it feel so good" item.) Didn't our friend over at Wasp101 get pilloried for showing his alligator loafers which he got half price for only $700?

Anonymous said...

Reptile shoes are for squids -- always, everywhere.

Or were you out there firing guns at non-existent targets that day?