08 August 2010

Bob Hope on Turner Classic Movies - All Day

My Dad tells a story about Bob Hope in Korea. It makes sense if he tells it.

"I knew a captain who worked as Hope's aide during a USO tour of Korea. This captain had to get Hope booze, broads, whatever. Horrible job. Anyway, they're both standing on the deck of a destroyer somewhere off the coast of Korea. It's Spring and the Koreans use human waste as fertilizer. Hope sniffs the air, makes a face and asks my friend, "What's that smell?" "That's shit, Mr. Hope." "I know what it is." says Hope. "What did they do to it?""

Bob's on TCM all day. Nowhere near as funny as my Dad's story or this Dave Thomas / Rick Moranis skit from SCTV.


Sean said...

There is a bridge in Cleveland that is named in his honor, since he grew up there. His father worked on the Lorain Carnegie Bridge, so now it is the Hope Memorial Bridge. It is a beautiful art deco piece of architecture. The view is interesting- did you know there used to be "factories" in America and we "manufactured"? True story

The Hope Memorial Bridge takes you straight to the Great Lakes Brewery and the West Side Market.

Simon said...

More posts that lead back to Edmonton. The theatre is the Paramount - a block from my office. The plaza is in front of the downtown library. Love catching glimpses of my city in old SCTV episodes.

David V said...

I always thought that Dave Thomas' "Bob Hope" was funnier than Bob Hope's "Bob Hope".

Anonymous said...

Someday, years from now, a biography of Bob Hope will be written which puts Warren Beatty in the shade.

Because Hope was picky.

Keith said...

My grandmother always loved watching Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movies.