31 August 2010

Men's Club 'Take Ivy' Issue - August 2006

Another collector's item?

Mr Teruyoshi Hayashida - Photographer and recent 80 year old.


In good company

Today's the day of Take Ivy's US release. I've heard Amazon copies have started arriving. Please don't forget to leave your impressions here. Also, interviews with the four authors of Take Ivy have all been received and are being translated for posting soon. This issue of Men's Club celebrated the release of the 2006 edition. Looks like a great issue. If only I could read it.


Noah said...

Has anyone checked out "Gentleman's Guide to Grooming and Style." While this book isn't Take Ivy, it's still pretty good.
Some one gave me a copy about 10 years ago as a not so subtle hint that I needed to start dressing like an adult.


Greg said...

My copy is coming from Amazon Prime and should show up around the 2nd. What edition do you have Tintin, the 2006 or the original?

Silk Regimental said...

Email from Amazon said my shipped yesterday and due to arrive 9/3. For someone my age, I think its going to take me back to a wonderful time - at least in my mind... if it stirs memories - hopefully they will be blog-worthy.

As always - your dose of tradidity helps!

(Yes! it is now a word)

Richard M said...

The best is still "Esquire", Sept. 1960.

Zingiber said...

Received mine today. Have only had time to take a quick scan through, but the photo reproductions looked a bit disappointing (color, clarity).

Anonymous said...

I also received my copy yesterday, and I agree with Sartre regarding the quality of the photos.

tintin said...

The image quality of the Japanese editions isn't great either. That was my big surprise after paying $200 for a 1974 edition. I was thinking big colorful full bleed pages.

Instead, it reminded me of an AAFE's catalog circa 1973 that dad sent home from Korea so my mother could pick out a china pattern.

But it's not about the pictures. This is about a sense of being. It's almost meditative. Think about living in Tokyo and what it must have been like to look at this book.

Yes, the text is charming but the images transport you to an American fanatsy that I'd argue didn't exist then much less today.

By the way, your out of pocket is considerably less than mine.

Zingiber said...

After a more in-depth review: Yes, I love it. You're right, the point isn't the clarity of the individual shots, it's the whole gestalt.

I picked up on quite a few things below deck: (1) Penny loafers -- of course I knew they were popular, but among these students they are positively ubiquitous. (2) Surprising number of sneakers -- Converse, Keds, and Topsider style -- all white (or formerly white) and all very attractive with khakis or shorts. (3) Also a surprising amount of socklessness, or what the translators term "barefoot." However, when not barefoot, a preference for thick & droopy white socks which also looks kinda good. And, of course, (d) the length of the trousers, which is pretty doggone extreme, isn't it?