17 August 2010

Take Ivy - Author Interviews

Teruyoshi Hayashida's Nikon F and Mamaiya C330 - Used to shoot Take Ivy - Befana Cafe, Tokyo - 17 August 2010

Interviews coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Classics, both. Those Nikon Fs had no internal meter so you had to take the time, in advance of each shot, to read your hand held meter. And then make the adjustments to both camera and lens. Oh, yeah, and focus. You could get faster at it, and second-guess the exposure, but with color transparency film there was almost no room for error. Ditto shooting with the Mamiya twin lens (which shows the image backward).

Still, I'd use them.


Anonymous said...

How. Did. You. Pull. This. Off?

Anonymous said...

Post should be titled "Take Ivy - Photographer's Equipment"

tintin said...

DB- You and me both.

Will save Hayashida's interview for last and run the other three before.

Anon- Pure. Luck.

Anon- The post is a teaser with the good news that the three authors and photographer of Take Ivy have been interviewed by the The Trad. It's not about equipment.

Bill Smith said...

Classic cameras, I have a Nikon F just like the one the author of Take Ivy used and it's still going strong.