05 September 2008

Goodbye Dark & Stormy

A TRAD Dark & Stormy in a big gulp tumbler. Goslings Black Seal and Barritt's Ginger Beer are required. Do not attempt this libation with any other brand or you're just going to the bathroom up a rope.

Here's another Dark & Stormy at Le Colonial in NYC. This one is nowhere close to my hand made version. Le Colonial gets $14 for theirs. A bottle of Goslings is around $17 and the Barritts will set you back $6 for a six pack. Four limes for $1 plus labor...I figure my version, all in, runs about $2.
But the season for this taste of Bermuda is coming to a close. It really is a Summer drink. All the more reason to savor those last few as Fall approaches and with it my least favorite color combination --black and orange. Anyway, I'll remember you Dark and Stormy until next we meet in May. Until then, I can be proud of my contribution to the increased revenues of Bruce Barritt, the Gosling family and lime growers everywhere.


Anonymous said...

I think it perfectly acceptable (appropriate, even) to drink these through the end of hurricane season.

BTW, they're eight bucks here. Only one place I know of with the right ingredients.


J.P. said...

I think a little bit of summer nostalgia is ok for the next month or so. I love these things.

Unknown said...

It's a fine thing to have definitive opinions. (What the hell else are blogs for?)

But provenance and personal experience is all when it comes to matters of libation. I first tasted one of these babies while on a film shoot in St. John. The rum was Cruzan Estate (with the glorious Clipper ship art). The ginger beer may have been Barritts (or maybe not). But it was great nonetheless. A little salty breeze and priceless sea views no doubt factor into the pleasure. I agree with the guy who said to extend the season through end of October in honor of named storms on the distant horizon. Another great seasonal libation (and one I first tasted in Bermuda) is Pimms No. 1 Cup, with lemonade (lemon lime soda) and a cucumber slice garnish. It's like iced tea on steroids. Play cricket subsequently at your own risk.

tintin said...

anon- Great idea. Seeing I have no discipine anyway.

tintin- are you me? Or am I you?

Steve- I agree about the place. I'e had other Ginger Beers as well as rums and nothing hits it like Goslings and Barritts. Probably because of my first experience in Bermuda with my first off shore captive at the Hamilton Princess Bar with the risk manager from the NY Yankees. Little did I know how much fun I was having.

Anonymous said...

Here in the South, summer is not over until the Georgia-Florida game in November! So enjoy your summer libation until then....just don't be caught wearing your white linen shorts! ME

Anonymous said...

Any man that has to look at a calendar to decide what he wants to drink isn't much of a man, now, is he?

tintin said...

ME-White bucks and linen are packed away.

Matt- Not the date but more like the weather.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so cranky. I am just a big fan of drink what you want (responsibly, of course) when you want it -- regardless of the earth and suns relative annual or diurnal position.

So, yes, I have been known to drink Bourbon with breakfast or a D&S before noon during a blizzard, etc.

tintin said...

Matt- You're not cranky at all. Understand your angle. I can not drink a big Cab in the summer. Just can't. Same for Scotch. But in the winter it's a different story. Johnnie Walker did a Scotch tasting of single malts used to blend JW Black back in the mid 90s. It started around 5PM and the only food they gave you were water crackers...Not an ideal preface for 10 single malts.

I like for "spirits" to compliment a moment. That's just me. When I used to run a lot, I liked nothing more after a run than a ice cold, beefeater martini, up with olives. Bracing, cold, crisp and trouble.

Anonymous said...


As long as your refinement it is authentically you, then Kudos.

As for me, I am obviously a bit course! Even I have certain beverages that simply must be paired with certain moments.

P.S., Love the blog.

M.Lane said...

Thanks for introducing me to a new drink! I will have one or two asap since I agree with the Hurricane season point above.

I agree with you though that when the weather turns some food and [a few] drinks don't really hit the spot.

By the way, if in the hinterlands I can't get the proper ginger beer, is there another brand you recommend as a second place replacement?

As usual, great blog!

tintin said...

M. Lane- Thanks for the kind words. You're blog is really coming. Regards a sub for Baritts? There is none. It just will not taste the way it's supposed to. You can order Barritts on line. I know it's a lot of money but the last time I ran out, I went to 149th St in the Bronx for a case - - on the subway. If I'm willing to risk my life for Barritts, you can pay an arm and leg for shipping.

chris@dover said...

Oh, do check out Martha Stewarts website for a delicious Autumn version of the Dark and Stormy...She calls it a "Perfect Storm" and having had a few after a frostbite race in Boston Harbor last november, I can vouch for it's warming qualities!!

CashmereLibrarian said...

Trad, The Epic just introduced me to you; I just wrote about Dark & Stormies on my blog (I confess to drinking them into October, but see my blog for my Very Good Reason.) Great blog!