11 August 2011

Odd Books + Wine = Broadbent

Why do I buy books like this?

I guess because they're cheap...

and loaded with images like this. The Chairman, Directors and Staff.

This was Christie's first full year of wine sales. Click on image to read and ponder 1966 prices for 18th century wines.

Director of wine sales, Michael Broadbent, holds up one of the 200 year old bottles from the cellar of the Marquess of Linlithgow.

I mentioned Chateau Musar Hochar here earlier. A unique red that has recently become an obsession due to it's soft but bold character. Like a not very attractive woman with huge personality who dresses in St John. Warm, open, funny. A little bawdy, she likes to say 'fuck' a lot.

Hochar, when you can find it, runs $26 a bottle. That's not cheap but it's still an amazing value. And while white and rose have filled this Summer's record breaking temperatures -- Hochar is soft enough to pair perfectly with grilled steaks, lamb or a spread of smoked meats and cheese.

Go to Broadbent.com for a distributor in your state, and have that warm, funny and bawdy woman over for dinner. What the fuck have you got to lose?


GSV JR said...

Too bad no one put a bottle of Chateau Saint Nick (Revco Drugs' vinted Christmas tipple, around 2.99 bottle circa 1987) on the ol auction block.

BTW my word verification was MENSES.

Brohammas said...

Is that a watch chain going from the chairman's lapel buttonhole to pocket? Am I simply uneducated or does it feel a bit busy to have a chain going into the pocket at the same time a pocket square is poking out?

(I'm the only one not looking at the wine)

Kathy said...

Maybe the chain goes to his glasses, pince-nez style.

I think I AM that bawdy woman. Love the post.

tintin said...

GSV- Probably had issues with the provenance.

Bro - Yes, it's a watch chain. They're still some underwriters I know at Lloyd's of London who wear these. Yes, you're the only one not looking at the wine or the dirty words.

Kathy 'I think I AM that bawdy woman' Prove it.

Alice Olive said...

Hilarious! You're driving me to drink... this bottle.

BCM said...

Today's a good day. Found some Hochar 2002 at my local booze shop. I'll be picking up a bottle on my way home from work this evening. Today is the fourteenth consecutive day of triple-digit temps here in Houston so it's only natural that I plan to grill some steaks and crack open a bottle of red this weekend.

Not only did I find the Hochar, but my local shop just started carrying Barritt's ginger beer. Perhaps I'll shelf the Hochar and pound Dark n Stormys all weekend.

The Devoted Classicist said...

Revco! I was trying to remember the name of the drugstore near my freshman year dorm. They sold a wide range of merchandise, but in Tennessee, no wine.

Ben said...

I love the portrait of him drawn by my classmate Ben Wallace in his book "The Billionaire's Vinegar". Broadbent goes from refined lion to carny barker, and always with the unique descriptions of fine wine: "like a glimpse above a schoolgirl's hemline".

Last week Rodenstock and today Broadbent?

randall said...

Cue, "Midnight, The Stars and You,"

Overlook Hotel July 4th Ball 1921

tintin said...

Alice- I don't drink anymore -- or any less.

BCM- I love a dark n stormy but you'll loads of time to drink those. Hochar is something very unusual and shouldn't be slammed.

Devoted- This is the learning center for useless information.

Ben- Didn't know you went to school with Wallace. He's a great story teller. His publisher was sued by Broadbent for slander and settled for an undisclosed sum. They also had to pull the book off the shelves in the UK.

The story just keeps going.

Emily said...

Looks like great wine!

Unclelooney said...

I don't do sulfites and decanting only leaves another glass to wash.

Brummagem Joe said...

The Marquess of Linlithgow (whose wine is being sold in one pic)was the former viceroy of India and there's some old movies around still of his daughter getting married in New Delhi in about 1938 just before the war. It made recent Royal weddings look like very modest affairs.

An on watch chains from lapel to breast pocket. With the disappearance of waistcoats this is the only way to wear them as I still do frequently.

And like you tintin I love these old books. There are masses of them around relating to WW 1. In the UK a few weeks ago I picked up three volumes of nothing but Punch cartoons from the 1840s/50's that had been published in the
1880's. Only 45 bucks each.

tintin said...

Emily- It is.

unclelooney- That's ok. More for me.

Joe- $45! Man, that's pretty high. That's... [5x3 - Carry the one] That's $287! Too steep for my blood.