29 August 2011

Dark & Stormy - A Weekend with Irene

28 August @ 6:36 PM
Fast moving clouds race by a slow moving Columbus Circle that's empty of traffic and people. Windy, cool and refreshing. It feels like a cocktail at the end of a long day.

27 August @ 11:05 AM
Rain is coming down as sky darkens. Last minute shopping. Whole Foods is closed.

27 August @ 11:10 AM
Time Warner Center is open but nothing in it is.

27 August @10:30 AM
Ninth Avenue diner is open until 11:00 AM. Mass Transit shuts down at noon.

27 August @ 12:03 PM
Morton Williams is open but lines stretch the length of the store. A bare bread aisle and no Pop Tarts.

27 August @ 12:33 PM
A Ninth Avenue deli is open, empty of people and crammed with cheese, bread, cured meats, wine and friendship. "We can't slice this. Is that okay?" No problem. No gouging. No lines. A 'NYC Survival' lesson learned. Turn left when everyone is turning right.

28 August @ 7:33 PM
Duane Reade exhibits pre - Irene loss control. All chains are still closed Sunday.

28 August @ 6:57 PM
57th Street looking east from 8th Avenue. There is no traffic.

28 August @ 7:03 PM
There is no subway.

28 August @7:17 PM
There is an open Bodega. Ice cream is very popular.

All photos taken with cell phone and filtered thru Instagram


Unclelooney said...

Whole foods was closed?
thank God the storm did not happen on rotisserie chicken Tuesday.
It was extra scary watching theevents unfold from my couch.
Seriously though, cool pics. Happy to see that things turned out relatively well.

tintin said...

unclooney- Very grateful for a non-event.

Anonymous said...

That bodega on 58th and 7th was one of the few stores open in the area. Got a coffee there Sunday AM.

Alice Olive said...

I got more nervous as Saturday night progressed. But I should have looked at my cat more closely. She simply stretched out lazily on my couch for the entire weekend. She knew nothing hazardous was coming...

I'd rather be safe than sorry, even if that does mean I have enough cat food and toilet paper for two months and my windows are covered with duct tape goo. (Plus others were not so lucky.)

I went for a walk on Sunday afternoon and saw an "I survived Irene" t-shirt.

Alice Olive said...

PS - Love the drama of the top image.

Brohammas said...

Quote from my seven year old, "what do you mean the power isn't going to go out?" Drops he flashlight and heads up the stairs pouting.

Anonymous said...

Really nice photos, Tintin. The bare bread isle is my favorite being the most informative and therefore journalistic. Glad you got though OK. And the GF's DE hometown..?


Oyster Guy said...

Good to see y'all got through your practice run in safety and security. A few preps and a recce can make a huge difference if it ever gets real.

This clip has some good tips on packing a bug out bag suitable for The Trad and Miss Olive.

tintin said...

Oyster Guy- I like this Go Bag:

ann said...

Love the pictures (esp the 1st one), and I really miss NYC. Nice post & glad everyone got through this week relatively unscathed.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all missed the worst of it...

There's nothing much more ominous than hunkering down and watching the weather people discuss a wobbling hurricane eye as it tracks your way.

There's always a run on junk food...and gasoline. When the sh*t goes down you want be able to drive and eat pop tarts.