23 March 2011

A Ride Up To Jack Spade

The Ride Up...

To the 7th floor


The Staff

Suits start at $1,295

Side vent

Narrow lapel

Made by Southwick

Tweed sport by Southwick coat w/ half lining

and patch pockets with unfinished sleeves for working button $950

Poor Boy sweaters

Camp Mocc is out mid April for $250

with the right soul.

Canvas Dipped Bag - Go Navy $195

Proportions (not too small)

and removable labels are a Go.

Canvas Dipped that glows in the dark

Davis leather brief (named after T. Wayne Davis)

Great idea for a book lover's wallet

University Stripe Oxford. At $185, a No Go

We're pushing bespoke at this price...Made in Garland, NC

Brittany & Aaron - Bags and clothing

I want this pillow

There's an intelligent aesthetic here with details. Lots and lots of details. If you're a Manhattan working stiff who doesn't have the time to scratch your watch or wind your ass -- then Jack Spade can kit you up so you look like you know what you're doing. There's good value here with suits, blazers and sport coats all made in the USA by Southwick. There's sourced (not made in the USA) attire that's good looking but not such a good value...unless you're in a hurry.

Great value lies in the bags. An orange leather brief named the Davis (after the designer's grandfather) is $395. That's a steal in New York. Not so much if you live in Ft Wayne. There's creativity and fun with the bags that speak to the designer, Brittany Kleinman and to the history of the company. Andy and Kate Spade started the business by selling handbags in 1993. You sense that bags are still important here.

Great design and fairly priced. That's not easy to find today. Who knows... maybe the insanity of Thom Browne (BOHICA) is getting old with everyone. Even that New Yorker who works and makes too much can't afford $5,000 mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Nice shop. I don't have to ask what's up with that enigmatic camping photo at the entrance; it just seems to work. Those canvas bags: in a word, handsome. In all things clothing and accessories, you can never overstate elegant simplicity.

It kills me that you can just shoot the staff and they totally ignore you. But did you sample the crullers?



Main Line Sportsman said...

I have trouble with a $250 Camp Moc when Bean has the gold standard for that item at far less per pair.

Alice Olive said...

Definitely like the bags. Not too much fuss - clean. Form and function.

Anonymous said...

For me there's more fun and honesty in Thom Browns Shark Suit and matching shorts than another boring tote- and a tweed blazer whose better I can find at a thrift, also made by Southwick. I'm with you, I only woke up at the pillow. I'd never buy the Browne, but it's nice knowing it's there, kinda like a Jeff Koons- i'm glad its there, just not in my living room.

Anonymous said...

Would it really be too difficult to rip off the old LL Bean, Brooks, and Press stuff and keep the prices somewhat realistic? Regardless of where it is made.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see they moved their suit manufacturing back here. A few months ago I was looking at a Jack Spade shirt and suit and was disappointed they were both made in China. The suit was $500+ and the shirt wasn't much cheaper than the American made one you posted.

tintin said...

DB- It's funny...so many designers throw stuff on their studio walls that you know has nothing to do with who they are. But it has 'cool' factor. Steve McQueen ephemera comes to mind. But this place was low key and understated. Not surprised you picked up on it.

Main Line- I have trouble with Cadillac but that's what makes the world go round.

Alice- They're cheaper at LL Bean and they'll throw in a Cadillac.

Zambo- That's like saying, "There goes a really good looking nun."

Anon- That's called Signature and it's pretty crappy stuff much - like their camp moccs made in El Salvador.

tintin said...

united - That might have something to do with decent wages (at least in Garland), health benefits, work comp insurance & 401 K, versus a dollar and a bowel of rice a day.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why I'd buy a Southwick sport coat at a $300 premium over what I'd pay for it anywhere else just because it has the imprimatur of the hipster division of Liz Claiborne.


You'd need only one of those abacuses on that there wall to determine how little money was left in your account after foolishly forking it over for that stuff.

longwing said...

I'll take the camp mocs and the seagram's.

jb007 said...

It kills me that you can just shoot the staff and they totally ignore you. But did you sample the crullers?

Anonymous said...

That blonde is cute!

those tricks said...

those are some good lookin' suit fabrics.

Suits said...
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Georgia Coal said...

Give me a break on the university stripe.....I'd rather have a lined cuffed/ collar from Brooks for $79.50. Shit for for $150 bb will do a custom unlined.......everything looks good though