17 March 2011

Kennedy's Pub Is Dark

17 March 2011 @ 3:33 PM

A favorite. Word was it was being rehabbed. Padlocked tight on St Patrick's Day. Not a good sign. On 57th bet 8th and 9th for donkey years. You may have been. Always crowded but with a 'proper' and quiet dining room in the back. The buzz is that it's closed. For good. I hope that isn't the holy all of it.


M.Lane said...

Every time a legit Irish pub closes the sun shines a wee bit less brightly from where I stand. What a shame.


Main Line Sportsman said...

Perhaps the lingering Christmas decor is a sign of a joint that has been shuttered for quite some time...??

Josh said...

Must have walked by this place a thousand times before finding out it was Trad Approved. I'll miss their burgers.

Ben said...

Great Billy Bragg video. One of Earth's great natural resources.

Unashamedly Crap said...

Trader, I'm almost impressed.

Dear Billy, so naive, such a silly old leftist, a 'convenient idiot'.

And yet, 'New England', 'Levi Stubbs' Tears', 'Greetings to the New Brunette'.

Ignore the political blathering and enjoy the tunes?

tintin said...

M. Lane- Wish I coulda taken you here. Did I take you here?

Main Line - You're forgiven for the assumption. They leave the Xmas decs up until St Patricks Day or have the last four years I've been here.

Josh-Took a look in the window and all the soul of the place is gone. Very depressing.

Ben- His concert was cancelled in NYC. Two of two yesterday.

Unashamedly Crap - I say, enjoy the tunes. And invade a country.

Unashamedly Crap said...

Now you're talking!

Ireland? Libya? Mexico? Cuba? France?

You've probably got some Marines left, so we'll do France and Ireland and you can have the rest.

P.S. Do you like the Pogues?

tintin said...

Love the Pogues but prefer to invade to a Richard Thompson soundtrack. How about a re-invasion of Vietnam?

Unashamedly Crap said...

Hmmm... 'Beat the Retreat'? 'For Shame of doing Wrong'? Not sure that's music to hit the beaches with.

tintin said...

Unashamedley Crap-

A Blind Step Away. THat's my favorite invasion song.

wstroby said...

As he posted on his website, BB's mother died after a short illness, causing him to cancel his U.S. tour. Ironically, "Tank Park" is a fitting video, as it was written about the death of his father.