04 March 2011

Posh Nosh

There's something about feeding chocolate to dogs...Forgot it though. Oh well.

Whilst searching for 18th Century erotic snuff boxes I came across this wonderful cooking show, Posh Nosh. Certainly, these people are my sort of people. There are are nine episodes and I couldn't be more delighted. I've been looking for hand-picked sun-blasted crushed chargrilled & minced black olive paste everywhere. That and dried John Dory thins in basil chive ailoi. By the way, did you notice Simon is wearing Edward Greens? Stunning.

Why can't we have telly like this in the states? I'll tell you why, dear reader. Bad taste. And there's nothing worse than people who taste bad. Like turned milk with the dregs of Yellow Tail chardonay whipped into Shed Spread and served on stale Cheez It crackers. One shudders at the thought. But where was I? Chocolate? Dogs? Snuff boxes? I remember. Keep an eye out for shoppes and sources. I found a lovely roasting tin from the TinTin of Brighton shoppe in Episode 7. Always my lucky digit.


Anonymous said...


"No child is too young for offal." And to think I was wrong all this time with the mac and cheese.


James said...

"Sweet, but not comatose". This is too wonderful for words. Thank you, thank you.

GSV JR said...

This and Two Fat Ladies right up there and close to me aorta.

The banter whilst cooking is too literate and witty for American audiences.

This is a culure of Emeril "BAM!" and Paula Deen repeatedly licking room temp shorterning off Bobby Flay's freckled fingers.

Brummagem Joe said...

The British have been taking the piss out of these two handed cooking shows for years because they pioneered them in the 50's. The woman is alway in charge while the male lurks in the background wearing a monocle (or Ed Greens in this case) and usually ends up rat faced. I haven't seen this series so will have track it down on Netflix. The irony of this as far as the food is concerned is that Britain is supposed to be ground zero for bad cooking. I don't think it's true but a further irony arises from the fact upper class Brit visitors invariably claim US food is awful (checkout E. Waugh on the subject). I've come to the conclusion American food is great at the extremes (your Chinese takeout, pulled pork sandwiches in the south, lobster rolls in Maine) at one end and the Five Seasons at the other. There is an awful lot of dross in the middle.

K. A. Adams said...

Or ' .... Aggravate your carrots ... '

This is what the Brits call ' takin a piss '

BTW - Posh Nosh has been shown here on PBS as filler between shows

She's clueless and he would rather be humping his male tennis coach from Spain - and no that's not me being a biggot - that's an actual episode !

andrea said...

"Do you see how excited it is? Well, the eggs will relax it."

La Maison Fou said...

Love these two...So much wit and what a pair of chefs!

I will never ask a child what they want again! Nevermind, they have no idea.
Thanks, T.

Thomas said...

A friend turned me on to this last year; they are wildly funny; sort of modern Wodehouse.

Anonymous said...

Great friend from California, who is currently a houseguest of ours, talked aobut Posh Nosh at dinner last night. Funny to have it come up twice in such a short time! We viewed other episodes on youtube with reat laughter. Thanks for the post.