03 March 2011

Orgasm for .20 cents - Orgies for $8

Prosperity Dumplings located at 46 Eldridge Street in Chinatown

Five dumplings for a dollar

Confusing but worth it

Also confusing

Out of Pork Fried Buns but Sesame Pancake was surprise hit

And I'm not a vegetable guy

Dining in the middle of the street

50 for $8

The Orgy

That menu looks like something out of 1965 but it's not even the best part of Prosperity Dumplings. Not easy to get to. Not easy to order. No place to sit. But once you put one of these things in your mouth...Cue the fireworks.

I had pork & chive pot stickers while we waited for vegetable. Burned the inside of my mouth on the first one. Still, the pork was earthy while the chives kept it clean and fresh. Next was the sesame pancake with vegetables. A first.

Burned my mouth again but it was so new and different I didn't mind the skin hanging off the roof of my mouth. If the pot sticker is an explosion of slippery wet fun then the pancake is the warm towel for clean up. A nutty softness with scallions and I don't know what all.

After the pancake, I order a bag of 50 dumplings and am told my order of vegetable pot stickers is ready. $11 all in. The Golf Foxtrot and I head out to finish the vegetable pot stickers because I can no longer stand the close confines of the dining room and the constant in and out of at least 30 customers in 10 minutes.

We find a place to sit in the middle of traffic. NYC will put benches anywhere. Probably because they were just made, the vegetable pot stickers will have you holding onto the headboard. Amazing taste with the dumpling wrap a perfect al dente. Can you say that about a dumpling? I just did.

Prosperity is one of those NYC places people love to talk about. It's a mischianza of taste, place, wonder, confusion and it don't cost much. Just like sex.


The Sardonicist said...

there was a place in san francisco that had salt and pepper chicken wings. i was usually the only "round-eye" in the joint, and i had to point on the menu to what i wanted because they didn't understand english all that well.

these wings were like crack cocaine to me. i would eat them, standing just inside my door, not even bothering to take off my coat. they had salt and pepper beef ribs, and salt and pepper pork ribs as well...

David V said...

They ain't the kind of dumplings Grandma used to make. They don't look like they'd go well with roast pork and sauerkraut.

Alice Olive said...

Your description of burning the roof of your mouth the second time is quite easy to visualize. And feel. In fact this entire post is easy to visualize. I'm just can't quite visualize myself here. (I choose not to analyze what that may or may not say about me....)

Ben said...

You want to cross canal to 26 Eldridge for some noodles. Pulled by hand. We like handmade things, right?

Trust me on this one.

Dallas said...

$8 orgy in Chinatown. I believe it.

Main Line Sportsman said...

Great suggestion...next time I am on your island I will try it 'cause I love Chinese dumplings in all there forms and variations...and all the dipping sauces as well.
Next time you are in Phila...try the Peking Duck rolls at Sang Kee on 10th st....oral Nirvana...

Anonymous said...

Wait, sex don't cost mucH?? this news to zamboni- what did i miss??

tintin said...

Zambo- Ever wonder why poor people have so many kids?

Anonymous said...

I can't even watch the fight-for-the-dumpling scene in Kung Fu Panda without salivating like an idiot.

Finally a recommended place to eat that doesn't feature star chef fusing who knows what. FedX my plane ticket.


Tin-tin's phred/dad said...

Sex doesn't cost much?
Ask the man (or woman) who got their clock cleaned in a divorce.

The Skinny Guinea said...

Sydney's equivalent

EVT said...

Thanks for the tip, we were downtown Saturday morning and popped in - due to your internet marketing they've raised the prices to $9 per 50 frozen.

I love capitalism!

And good dumplings by the by...