11 June 2010

The Shirt Off My Back: Ralph Lauren Rules!

Option I

Option II

Option III

P.S. A polo shirt with three cool options, Mr Lauren.

Option I - A cream short sleeve polo with the collar done in green, red, yellow and black. I added the RLR (Ralph Lauren Rules!) monogram just for you, sir.

Option II - A cream short sleeve polo with sleeve banded in green, red, yellow and black.

Option III (my favorite, Mr Lauren) - A cream short sleeve polo with the rear tail banded in green, red, yellow and black.

BTW, I don't really need that Town Car...I mean, if that's holding things up I can take the subway to work - not a problem whatsoever.


Alice Olive said...

I like that it's cream and not white.

A truly noble cause.

Flavor Lavid said...

Might I ask if the World Cup had any influence on your color pallet? Either way, wonderful design.

M.Lane said...

Another set of fine ideas! No doubt by now you are in the RL fold with a monster expense account.

Have a great weekend!


Percy Chatsworth said...

How did you create your drawing? With an iPhone app or so? Or with pen and colour?

David V said...

I want a terry cloth beach jacket with patch pockets at the hip. can you start on that next?

Anonymous said...

Genius. I spent 4 years at Central St Martin's so I should know. I'm sure Ralph's people are penning your contract as I write. (Hold out for the Town Car and suites at the Hotel Ritz and Claridges - essential for your European research....)

heavy tweed jacket said...

I was wondering if this was a Reggae Sunsplash Polo design. Maybe some rum and cigars would work well with this.

Duco10 said...

I would definitly buy option 2

Anonymous said...

mr. tweed jacket, not reggae but Rastafarian. and honestly this feels a bit like Ralph Lauren's hypothetical Head shop line, even thought i'm sure its more soccer than Bob Marley.

anyway my two cents, i'll bugger off now.