04 June 2010

Off My Back: Grey & Pray for Capper & Capper

A great name (long gone) but a tough color

Albert Thurston limited edition "Puffin Nuffin" braces - Bow Tie from Hornets

Paul Stuart Braces - Souleiado Tie (Spray & Pray)

Albert Thurston Boxcloth Braces - Herge Tie

I'm tempted to sew a name tag over the pocket. I can go with a green tie but I'll look like a park ranger. I need help. Anyone?


Anonymous said...

The problem is that with a gray shirt you're forced to either go with cool tones or accept the fact that you look like you're wearing a uniform. Judging from most of your sartorial choices, going with cool tones doesn't seem to be an option, so.... Good luck!

Family Man said...

Maybe this shade of gray doesn't flatter you (dunno--just guessing). If you find it hard to wear and hard to combine with what you have, it's probably the wrong color for you.

But I do like that bow tie.

Since you're not going to take off your jacket in public, it doesn't really matter which suspenders you choose, does it? They're all great, though (wish I could afford Thurston).

TRVS said...
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heavy tweed jacket said...

That Caper & Caper brings back memories of Chicago. Great shirt. I have a grey pinstripe that suffers from a similar problem of incompatibility with many things. It will never be a spring/summer shirt. It doesn't work with pastels. I usually resolve the problem with a charcoal grey suit, a burgundy madder paisley tie, and #8 cordovan captoes. Quiet, but it works.

Anonymous Texan said...

Had an Dior shirt like this, paired it with red rep,maroon -white dot,red knit, & gray solid - aka Cary Grant. Bow tie used was a B2 maroon/gray stripe. Maroon dot was vintage Countess Mara.Might be tough to match up with the galluses. Like your "Old School Blog".

3button Max said...

much like tweed Capper and capper brings back memories- downtown detroit on Grand circus park i think in the David Whitney bldg (flaming steaks $1.99. diner across hall ! they may have tried a relocation to suburban malls which didnt last...-i remember buying a poplin plaid shirt-and a yellow solid bow tie-Brook it wasnt but some very traditional things -who thought 30 years ago that all this had a remaining shelf life of a couple of years at best..-enjoyed post..

tintin said...

tanner- Perhaps but if you'll take a look at the picture you took off my blog the color wheel on the far left suggests a grey shirt with a red/navy rep tie. Rather than just copy that, I tried to use it as inspiration in the colors I used. I've tried the cooler tones but they just disappear. Grey is tough. Grey stripe is easier and grey university stripe (coming) is a snap.

Family Man- When it's 90 degrees with the same humidity - guess what comes off?

So far the only thing I haven't done in public is to do a number 2. By the way, a good response to those store owners who tell you that their bathrooms are not public, is to tell them that what you have to do isn't public either. That bow tie kicks ass and I think it was 5 pounds.

HTJ- I knew you would comment on Capper. It was a great place that ranks up there in my Loop memories of Chicago. Had I known better, I was only 30, I would have spent more at capper and a lot less at Mark Shale. How could I have been so stupid?!

anon Texan- Some great ideas. I'll give 'em a try. I think grey is tough but when you get it right it sings. The illustrations in Apparel Arts use grey shirting a lot but it seems anachronistic today. Still, it's a fun challenge.

3 button - Always good to hear from you. It's hard to find much abou the store anywhere. Do you know anything about the family that started it?

Family Man said...

Yeah, I've lived through the 90 & 90 days--yecch. Everyone complains about the weather, but at least that kind of heat & humidity is something I don't have to worry about where I live now.

The classic dressing purist will tell you that men don't wear cartoon characters. I say that having a very select number of tastefully done cartoon character items is OK. I like the Herge tie, and it goes well with the blue braces (though a lighter shade of blue might go better).

tintin said...

Family Man- I would argue Tintin is not a cartoon character. Not in the way the Fred Flintstone is.

I assume you consider yourself a "classic dressing purist" whatever that is. This blog is wide open to opinions in dress and remains faithful to an earlier mantra here, "You can can tell me I shouldn't wear it but no one can tell me I can't."

Cathleen said...

I realize I'm chiming in late, but I wanted to say that although I like the Tintin sweater, I'm not in favor of the tie or of ANY cartoon tie. I think I've seen too many ties with disembodied Snoopy heads and this has affected my opinion. (But I will confess that I bought a Boston Terrier Rescue t-shirt with 'Hello Kitty' on it in the last 24 months, so what do I know?)

Anonymous said...

I miss Capper and Capper ... right next to the old Brooks Bros. on Madison -- and Sulka just over on Michigan Avenue -- and one block north, remember when the.old Marshall Field's Store for Men had it's own building across the street (Washington and Wabash) from the State Street store?

didn't have to walk very far to get everything you needed