18 June 2010

Chipp & Arnie

Favorite Chip & Ernie

Favorite grey stripe goes with anything

Favorite suit by Chipp

Favorite grandfather, Arnie

CWO 2 during WWII

Favorite sweat shirt

Favorite Sergeant Major

While my father can rewire and replumb a house -- I inherited Arnie's inability to hammer a nail straight. Maybe traits skip a generation. I don't know. I wish my father and my father's father a Happy Father's Day. And a Happy Father's day to all you dads.


M.Lane said...

Great post. That is my favorite sweatshirt too.


Laguna Beach Trad said...

Great photos Tintin! The shirt/tie/coat mix in the first pic is wonderful. My father sadly was not at all handy around the house. Fortunately I have not taken after him and in recent years I've discovered that I can install window furnishings, change electrical outlets, and re-landscape gardens quite nicely if given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Hey sunshine,
Where can i get Brooks Brothers old cut - you know none of that shoulder pad crap. TEll me please, sweetheart.

W.Essex said...

So, was he promoted or demoted to/from SGM/WO2? (I imagine is was some harbrained reorg, like they did with nurses) Happy Fathers Day!!

tintin said...

M Lane- We gotta go looking for this sweatshirt. It says so much more than just Duluth. Uff da, homey.

LBT- Grey and purple. Who'd a' thunk it. For reasons that will be made clear this coming week, I need to install an exhaust fan in a NYC apt. Any ideas?

Anon- Try Southwick MTM now owned by B2. Give a call to Sandy at the Brooks 346 Mad store in NY. She'll sort you out. And stop calling me sweetheart.

W Essex- He was a CWO 2 in Quarter Masters during the war and was hit by the RIF afterwards. I think he was knocked down to M/Sgt but am not sure.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Duluth!