21 June 2010

Press Only: The Trad on Styleite

I had an extra shot Americano in case you're wondering. Part one of the two part interview is here.


longwing said...

That's it. I bet you're married within 6 months. You'll be so exhausted from fighting off all those fashionable women you're gonna have to. Just make sure you get a society babe. That's what you need. A society babe.

Anonymous said...

Re: co-branding
I don't have anything against it per se. Up until a few years ago, I had never even heard of Red Wing until hearing of the brand through blogs like ACL and others that were promoting the whole "workwear" thing (and I'm still underwhelmed). But I suspect there's way more people who have heard of J.Crew than who have heard of some of their more obscure featured co-brand (e.g. Belstaff) so it's probably a good way to increase brand exposure for these lesser knowns.

J. Crew's featuring of the Adidas Stan Smith made me reconnect with this shoe that I had loved in the 80s. I bought a pair elsewhere-cheaper on line. At least they had the taste to admit that some iconic items, that pair well with their own merchandise, shouldn't be messed with. If, on the other hand, RL likes something, he has to pretend like he invented it, like jeans. In this case he would have introduced a white sneaker with a green tab on the heel with a God-awful pony on top. Glad he didn't try to re-invent the Rolex with his recent line of watches (which I'm really pleased I don't like).

Anonymous said...

What the Sam Hill's "Stylite"?

Porcine condo roofwinder?


Anonymous said...

Poor Gallagher.

Brian said...

What another great post Tin Tin. My father has also been grilling steaks since the 60's. But for us it is revisited every Saturday night. It's still the best steak I have ever had. Those that say Ruths' Chris or places like that should be have never had the perfect cut of meat grilled to perfection on a home grill before. Heck, I enjoy Outback's more than Ruths' anyday. And make sure you make your adopted homeland of The North understand that grilling is different than BBQing.