19 June 2010

Happy Father's Day - For Mary, Veronica & Dad

Grandpa Arnie on far left (in more ways than one)

He was, by all who knew him, a quiet man.

This man of incredible tenderness and patience married a woman and family who found humor in the shortcomings of others. My grandmother, a woman who influenced me greatly, loved poking fun at the world and people she didn't know very well. She was hysterically funny without any effort. When my grandfather told a joke...No so much.

Sitting at the head of the dinner table, Arnie would begin his, 'Dorkie Story' by leaning back in his chair and reaching in his trouser pocket while conversation was stopped by his magnificent radio voice, "Your grandmother Sophie makes wonderful dorkies..." And pulling a ring of keys out of his pocket, he would hold them up and peel off each one saying, "and garagekeys and carkeys and mailboxkeys..."

I carry my grandfather's Armed Forces Network Radio Press Pass in my wallet - - where my drivers license should be. I'm not sure why. I just like that it's there. A couple of months ago I was taking pictures of cars with NY Press Tags outside Fox News on 6th Avenue. I've been working on a post about all of the different NY state plates available in NYC. I'd kill for press plates.

Anyway, this security guard from Fox approaches me and asks what I'm doing. "I'm taking pictures of press plates." "Oh, who do you work for?" I pull out my wallet and flip it open. He looks at the pass and says, "Thanks." and walks away.

Had he asked me to take it out he would've seen I was born in 1906. But what does he know. He works for Fox News. I finished my picture taking and smiled walking north on 6th. I thought of Arnie who was such a proud Democrat and I think we shared a laugh again. There's not a whole lotta difference between Fox News and dorkies.


Bobby Breidholt said...

Great story!

heavy tweed jacket said...

What a hoot! That story about showing your Grandfather's press pass today is absolutely priceless. So much for security.

Anonymous said...

I just love the way you look at life - you are to the point and you actually MAKE A POINT! Thank you. DMW

Anonymous said...

you look so much like your grandpa, nice story!