23 June 2010

Beretta Sale

718 Madison Avenue

30 -50% off

The perfect brief case for NYC

Beretta has a sale . No need to hurry. It'll be going for another month. Made in USA khakis for $75 and that's their regular price. Free cuffing and they're as heavy as iron. Beautiful apparel for men as well as women. The store is often overlooked by the Trad cognoscenti but it holds some treasures.


wstroby said...

What are they getting for the M9?

Main Line Sportsman said...

Yes Sir...I salivate over the inventory of Beretta,,,great stuff for the field and for casual wear. Thir Shooting jackets are well designed and they have some top flight waterfowl gear as well...

tintin said...

A skorpion machine pistol is good for you.

Main Line- It's nice stuff. Sometimes they're some real bargains here. Always worth a look. On line as well.